• Our friends over at Missionary Athletes International (MAI) have just recently announced their new CEO. MAI has some connections to Soccer Chaplains United as we have supported several former Major League Soccer and United Soccer League players that have played and spent time with their teams and organization. Additionally, a few of the high school and collegiate players that we have worked with have also worked with MAI. It's an important time for several soccer and ministry organizations, as there have been some key leadership changes and transitions in this year and in the next few years to come. Please keep MAI in your prayers. Below is from their announcement email a few days ago: The Board of Directors of

    Sep 19,
  • We really enjoyed our time with the morning show of the KPOF AM 910. Roy Hanschke, Denise Washington-Blomberg, and Gordy Scott were gracious hosts for Rubèn Rodríguez and myself early on Friday morning. Some of the highlights that we were able to share in the interview included: Our re-branding to Soccer Chaplains United last year Vision to develop chaplaincy amongst all levels of the sport A possible “man of Macedonia” moment, where an opportunity overseas is developing Rubèn Rodríguez as 1st Developmental Academy chaplain (in MLS and with Soccer Chaplains United)  Our 2020 Vision to at least double the number of chaplains with Soccer Chaplains United (20) In talks with a couple Christian colleges, a youth club, and working to

    Sep 10,
  • Friends, we've plum run out of One World Balls to send out with out teams when they ask for gear donations. These are normally $40/apiece, but through our relationship and non-profit status, we're able to get them at about half of that price when we bulk order. Consider making a gift today to send one of these around the world with one of our next project requests that come in. Click here to go to PushPay and select Community to make a specific gift toward this fund!

    Sep 06,
  • Occasionally, we feature other happenings in the sports ministry and sports and soccer chaplaincy world. Well, Our Daily Bread Ministries is hosting another Power Up Conference in Grand Rapids, MI October 2, 2018. See more details below and click the link to register. You’ll Love This Year’s Event! October 2, 2018—Grand Rapids, Michigan In addition to an engaging time of fellowship and a great lineup of speakers, this year’s conference will include a special tour of the Our Daily Bread Ministries Grand Rapids facility. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this bonus feature, as it offers a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the popular Our Daily Bread devotional and other Bible-based resources. Keynote speaker is Bass Master Fishing chaplain Chris Wells.

    Sep 04,
  • I am excited to be joining my friends at AM 910 around the breakfast table next Friday morning, September 7, at 7:00 am Mountain. AM 910 can be heard online — just click on the Listen On Line link. The morning crew is always a fun group to hang out with and share about the ministry and I look forward to connecting with them again. It's been a long time since I visited with Roy, Denise, and Gordy and September 7 is just a couple days shy of our 1 year anniversary as Soccer Chaplains United. We will have a lot to talk about! If you're able to join us and listen in, you can tune into AM 910 if

    Aug 31,
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