• Timothy Project: One Child Matters will travel to Honduras in April to visit four of their Centers in Choluteca and other locations.  The partnership between Soccer Chaplains United and One Child Matters (OCM) is just beginning thanks to Soccer Chaplains United's Kurt Trempert. Chaplain Kurt Trempert of the Colorado Springs Switchbacks suggested to One Child Matters, also based in Colorado Springs, representatives to request soccer gear from Soccer Chaplains United for their upcoming trip to Honduras.  One Child Matters staff will travel to four Centers run by the organization. In each Center, there are over 200 children served.  The Choluteca Center serves children primarily under 10 years of age. One Child Matters serves children in extreme poverty.  The organization does

    Mar 22,
  • Timothy Project: Valor Christian High School, Kolkata, India 2018.  A vision was cast years ago by a Valor Christian High School Discovery team that has taken root and is beginning to become a reality.  The next team of students and teachers to travel to the slums of Kolkata will continue to grow the boy's soccer program with the dream of establishing a fully sustainable soccer club. Valor alumni, teachers and students desire to reach the boys of the slum with the gospel message.  This is challenging, and retaining them is even more challenging.  John DeYoung, a Valor teacher, came up with an idea that could help solve the dilemma, a soccer program. About three years ago, one Valor Christian Alumni

    Mar 01,
  • Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2018 will see Coach Brian Shultz return to Tamarindo, Costa Rica with his Valor Christian High School soccer players for a second time this March.  Soccer Chaplains United Executive Director, Brad Kenney, will join the team which consists of 20 players and eight leaders from the school's soccer programs.  Kenney serves as the Valor Boys Soccer Chaplain. During their time in Tamarindo, Kenney and the team will build two houses for selected needy families and reach out to the local community through soccer camps and clinics. Coach Shultz shares why the return trip, This is our second trip, and we intend to repeat this trip annually or bi-annually. Last year's trip was an amazing experience,

    Feb 15,
  • The most recent Timothy Project request, Timothy Project: Liberia 2018, will feature a massive change for the Liberian Institute for Empowerment (LIFE). LIFE is preparing to relocate to the heart and purpose of their organization, Liberia. Soccer Chaplains United has had the privilege of partnering with LIFE a number of times in the past few years (read previous stories here).  The work LIFE is doing in Liberia is changing the landscape of life and providing opportunities never before offered. Thomas Fahn is the founder and executive director of LIFE.  He recently returned from Liberia and shares his plans as his family prepares to relocate from the US to the area. L.I.F.E.’s goals is holistic community development in rural Liberia. We

    Feb 08,
  • Chaplain Cesar Duran and his wife Andrea relocated from Denver to Laredo, Texas in the summer of 2017.  This meant Soccer Chaplains United and the Colorado Rapids had to say goodbye to their Spanish-speaking chaplain and translator, Cesar.  But this move brought the Durans closer to their home and opened new opportunities to explore. Andrea Duran recently shared an update on the Timothy Project request they made last year before leaving Denver. August 2, 2017, I had the opportunity to visit the “Burritos” soccer team of Nuevo Tantoan, Mante Mexico. That afternoon they were training on the field, and I gave them the donation from Soccer Chaplains United's Timothy Project. This donation included a cooler, soccer balls, water bottles, and

    Feb 01,
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