• High-Level Amateurs Receive Gear Harry Rugama is a first division player at the end of his career and along with his good friend and high-level amateur Silvestre Yaslin, they have formed a high competitive recreational team that can help aspiring players to keep in shape and continually developing their skills to create opportunities for young adults to get picked up by first and second-division teams. Their team is highly disciplined and devoted to practice. They were overjoyed when they were contacted by CrossTraining to inform them that they would be the recipients of a combination of brand new and used Rapids gear. When these players met with Associate Chaplain Hugo Venegas they passionately expressed their appreciation as well as shared

    Apr 10,
  • This past week, a story broke about an incident a few years ago at the University of North Carolina where a student-athlete was awarded an A- grade for a ten-sentence paper. The story went viral as did the criticism surrounding the "paper classes" that seemed to be part of the college landscape to prop up collegiate athletes and keep them on the field in spite of poor academics. In recent days, further details have come to light on the story. The stories themselves beg a couple of questions, firstly we might ask, "What is truth?" in the same vein that Pilate once asked that famous philosophical question. I have come to learn in my time in the world that the truth (as

    Apr 06,
  • Native Indigenous Boy’s Team in Amubri gets uniforms Luis Alberto Leon is a quiet, unassuming business Chinese Costa Rican who has been involved with the indigenous Native Indians of the Amubri community in the Southeast Region of Talamanca in Costa Rica for years. He has privately collected toys and gifts from friends in the community to take Christmas gifts to the children of the community and sponsored many teenagers to achieve their educational and soccer goals. Luis, who was himself a soccer star in high school, was pleasantly surprised to know that CrossTraining wanted to donate uniforms for the boy’s team in Amubri. When Associate Chaplain Hugo Venegas was in Costa Rica, he connected with Leon, whom he had known in high

    Apr 03,