• Everyone in the game of football has likely been on the cusp at some point — whether as a substitute or a trialist, whether as an assistant coach or staffer or working somewhere within in the the football industry, it's likely that you have been in that position where greatness, achievement or success was just within reach and, yet, you get passed over for someone else or because of circumstances that are out of your control or no fault of your own. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, we look at the story of Joe (really Joseph) and Matthias from Acts, chapter 1, and how Joe got passed over when it came to first team selection to join the original

    Sep 09,
  • For Thomas and Jamie Fahn, the move from Denver, Colorado, USA to Liberia in August of 2018 to follow the call of God to serve in various areas was a massive move for them and their family. While in Liberia, they have been able to minister to at-risk youth in Monrovia through their soccer academy program. Unfortunately, earlier this year, with COVID-19 they had to return to the United States on an emergency evacuation flight provided by the US Embassy. The Fahns have been back in the US since April 9th, 2020 and by the grace of God — through their church, were able to find some temporary, affordable housing in Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas. The plan for the Fahns is

    Sep 03,
  • Have you ever chased after a floating bubble, only to have it disappear on you? Have you opened up your mouth to catch a falling snowflake, only to wonder if you ever really caught it because it just didn't seem to last? Or, have you ever on a chilly evening got a glimpse of your "breath" in a glint of light only to see it quickly fade away? Then you have experienced hebel {heh'vel}. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I look at the interesting Hebrew word hebel, used 38 different times in the wisdom literature of the book of Ecclesiastes. And I encourage us to consider the wisdom of Solomon who came to the final conclusion that life

    Sep 02,
  • Unfortunately, Matt Kaufman, who joined the Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors earlier this year in May, has announced that he must step down from the board. As principal of Milliman Financial Risk Management LLC, certain stipulations prevent the holding of a position or participation on a board of directors. Matt expressed his feelings of having to step down, I really wish that I could have been a part of the Board of Directors for Soccer Chaplains United, but I look forward to being involved in other ways and encouraging you and the others in the growth of the organization as a supporter and networker.Matt Kaufman We are sad to see Matt leave the Board of Directors, but it's with mutual

    Sep 01,