• At what point do you and I become apathetic? Whether it has to do with our football, our family and relationships, or even our faith — we all face times in our lives when we lose sight and lose hope and become lazy and indifferent toward these crucial things in our lives. My best mate, Fraser Keay, joins us again during the month of January to share one of his published biblical monologues, this time narrating King David's abuse of power and fall from grace. This story is powerful, as we look at the danger of apathy in our vocation or, more dangerously, towards God and towards others. In today's From the Touchline episode, Fraser Keay ("Kay") lends his voice and

    Jan 06,
  • The end of 2020 saw turbulent year and difficult start to a new decade. As 2019 was coming to a close, we identified 20 Things to Watch for in 2020 and we take a look back now at how we did. 20 - 14. Chaplains Corps up to 20 Currently, Soccer Chaplains United has 13 chaplains that are serving in different capacities from High School all the way to professional parts of the game. Part of our original vision was for the organization to be at 20 chaplains by 2020 across all levels and we are close to accomplishing that goal. Prayer: for chaplain placements and opportunities in 2020 to go smoothly. How we did: when soccer and the world

    Jan 05,