• Today marks Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent. This 40-day period (excluding Sundays) leading up to Easter is a time to prepare one's heart, mind, and soul for the redemptive truths and joy that comes with Jesus' death and resurrection. This year, with the global pandemic still impacting many in the soccer community, Soccer Chaplains United chaplains have come together to offer their talents, insight, prayer, and encouragement through this video-recorded Ash Wednesday Service. You can watch on our website, on the app SoccrChapUtd (iOS) (android) , or by linking through our social media pages: Facebook and LinkedIn. Watch Now YouTube English Version (40 min) YouTube Spanish Version (42 min) Read Download an English version of

    Feb 17,
  • Please join us tomorrow for our video-recorded, Ash Wednesday Service. Several chaplains serving all different levels of the soccer community — from high school soccer to Major League Soccer and National Women's Soccer League, will be reading, praying, teaching, singing and leading a heart-filled time of preparation at the beginning of the season of Lent. The service will be available starting at 12:00 am Eastern and will have an English version and Spanish version (mostly translated audio dub). Find the service on the website, in our app (SoccrChapUtd), and linked through our other social media outlets.

    Feb 16,
  • For the past few years, Highline Community Church has been a faithful, supporting church partner for Soccer Chaplains United. I still remember the August brunch with the mission committee that I had been invited to come and share our story. It was our Timothy Project program (now called out Community Program) that really grabbed the attention of several members of the committee. I shared a story of some soccer gear and how it had changed a church's out-of-country ministry and local people's lives. A few weeks later, the pastor called me, "Brad, we'd like to help support some Timothy Projects for this next year." Brad, we'd like to support some Timothy Projects... Pastor Dave Meserve, then pastor of Highline Community

    Feb 12,
  • Caedmon had an interesting start to life — his desire and passion didn't match his skill and ability. He wanted to sing. He wanted to recite poetry. He wanted to share in the communal musical and lyrical moments of his day. But he couldn't. Couldn't sing, he was off key. He couldn't play the harp. To his shame he would run and avoid those moments which had become a heavy embarrassment for him. What do you do when confronted with something you love, but aren't very good at it? Can God somehow transform it? Can God use you to carry His song, His message to the world, even if you're tone deaf and can't remember the words? Today, on the From

    Feb 10,
  • In many places around the world, football season has already begun, but here in the U.S. and in a few other nations, the new season is yet to begin. Just last week Major League Soccer joined the other professional leagues in the U.S., announcing a tentative start date for the 2021 season. For years, prior to the beginning of a season, as a chaplain, I have stepped forward to bless — athletes, coaches, staff, and those who are part of the game prior to the season start and to share with each of them a critical message — not just for the season ahead, but for life. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I look at a passage in Deuteronomy

    Feb 03,