• The Colorado Springs team led by Jason Rollins, left today to head to Ecuador and work with Inca Link's Cumbre Alta through June 19. I was blessed to be able to visit the team, hand off the soccer gear (listed below) and pray over the team this past week before they packed and left. Please keep the team in your prayers! Gear Fulfillment 23 pre-game warm ups112 compression shorts (various sizes)227 compression tops (various styles and sizes)15 professional jerseys61 pairs of shorts58 regular shirts (various styles and sizes)5 size three soccer balls5 soccer ball pumps Total weight: 177.5 lbs If you would like to make a specific donation of one of the items above check out our SmileAmazon charity list

    Jun 10,
  • Soccer Chaplains United church partner Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (CCPC), next month, returns to Kampala, Uganda to serve alongside Youth for Christ Uganda. The church has been sending teams to work alongside YFC-Uganda since 2007. This year will be especially impactful as the team looks to support and encourage the staff and volunteers, especially after all the hardship of these past few years due to COVID. YFC-Uganda Staff share about the love of Jesus after a soccer game While the team is in Uganda, they will serve at the Mirembe House, a home for single pregnant teens to live and find care. Additionally, they will help to support school outreaches, put on a sports ministry camp, and help with other

    Jun 09,
  • Keeley and Jamie are at the end. There's been unfaithfulness in the relationship and Keeley comes to grips with Rebecca's earlier words of wisdom to ask about the place of accountability in a relationship. "Being accountable matters" she tells Jamie before telling him their relationship is over. In today's "Lessons from Lasso," we talk about accountability and why it matters in life and in football. There is coming a day when all people will stand before God and have to give an account of themselves — their actions and behaviors, things done and left undone against others. The apostle Paul writes in Romans 14:10-12 of that day and we briefly talk about why and how it matters. Ted Lasso, the

    Jun 08,
  • After a few months of research, Soccer Chaplains United, with the approval of the Board of Directors can now receive crypto currency donations. In order to do this, we have created an account with Every.org. Every.org will convert a variety of the most common crypto currencies into an instant donation for the ministry. According to Every.org, they've been tracking donors and seeing that give 240% more in charitable giving than donors of other means. As we researched the different platforms for cryptocurrency acceptance, we decided that Every.org was the best fit for our organization.Jeremy Tittle, on the donor profile of cryptocurrency donors Every.org uses Coinbase, but will automatically convert your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD Coin to USD on behalf of

    Jun 01,

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