• Timothy Project: Soccer Chaplains United team members had the joy this week to deliver soccer gear that will change lives forever. For the sixth year, Valor Discovery is sending a team of students to Zacapa, Guatemala.  Soccer Chaplains United has had the pleasure of supporting the team in the past and is pleased to do so again this year. It was a beautiful spring afternoon as the teenagers sorted and organized the donations to be taken to Zacapa.  Rev Brad Kenney spoke words of encouragement and blessing to the team on a driveway that was overflowing with donations, new and used.  The generosity of the local community is moving.  The students will be able to touch many lives with the

    May 24,
  • Timothy Project: For the sixth year in a row, Valor Discovery returns to Zacapa, Guatemala.  This Spanish speaking team will spend 30 days immersed in the community. Danny Brooks of Valor Christian High School explains the commitment the team members have made and how soccer is a bridge to helping them achieve their objectives. Over the years, soccer has been a key component of our ministry in Guatemala. Unique to our team is that everyone speaks Spanish (and has committed to using no English), which means that soccer can be a key stepping stone that will allow for deep conversations and authentic relationship building. We will not only play soccer in the various communities, but soccer will open the door

    May 10,
  • Timothy Project: Cherry Hills Christian Middle School (CHCMS) returned to Juarez, Mexico after several years away.  This trip of 24 middle school students and a handful of teachers and parent chaperones marked the return to serving the impoverished and orphaned in Juarez, a city on the Mexico side of the border.  The team's week of serving proved not only to be safe and free of violence but full of great rewards few expected. The team's primary objective while at Arbol de Vida was to pull out dead and damaged trees in the orchards and replace them with healthy saplings.  When the students were not honing their arborist skills, they were bonding with the orphans who live there.  A highlight of

    May 03,
  • Every spring Cherry Hills Christian Middle School (CHCMS) takes a week out of classroom learning for a different kind of learning, real-world, hands-on serving communities in need.  Some local, some states away and this year, after several years to our southern neighbor, Mexico. Gary Babb, a CHCMS teacher, is leading the group of students, parent chaperones and teachers to an orphanage outside Juarez. Our school, Cherry Hills Christian Middle School, has been focused on service outreach for the past 20 years. We began traveling to Juarez Mexico in 2000 to build homes with an organization called Missions Ministries. The impact on the students, staff, and chaperones was profound in so many ways. Unfortunately, the drug wars escalated in 2010-2014 and

    Apr 19,
  • Timothy Project: Soccer players from Valor Christian High School traveled back to Tamarindo, Costa Rica in March 2018 to continue the mission they began years ago, to touch people with the love of Christ through soccer and building homes. The team partners with Mercy Homes Ministries through which they work with locals to build homes for families in need and stay focused on the mission at hand. The team of nearly 30, including Soccer Chaplain United's Executive Director, Brad Kenney, spent their days building homes and their evenings running soccer clinics.  Two homes were built during thier time in Tamarindo.  Valor senior and varsity player, Nicole Wright, wrote about her experience, We built two houses for two families – one

    Apr 12,

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