• A reminder that the team from Colorado Springs Christian Schools (CSCS) and recipient of the Timothy Project: CSCS Ecuador 2017 update is headed out! You can follow the team and their trip by clicking here. CrossTraining, through the Timothy Project, was able to provide: 30 soccer balls a ball bag approx. 80 jersey/half-zip pullovers cones water bottles and carriers 80 The Prize DVDs Rev Brad Kenney, CrossTraining Executive Director shared about some of the exciting ways that God had pulled some of the items for the project together, It was interesting because Coach [Jason] Rollins had requested water bottles and carriers and we don't normally get those types of things. We weren't sure that we would have enough funds to purchase

    Jun 16,
  • CrossTraining's Timothy Project: Swaziland 2017 is building bridges near and far.  Launching out of Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado Cory Jones and his team will travel to Swaziland with Beyond Survival and partner in Africa with Xolani Moyo and the sports ministry Adventures in Missions. Swaziland is a small, predominantly rural, landlocked country bordered by South Africa and Mozambique, about the size of New Jersey. Unemployment sits at 40 percent, about 69 percent of the population live below poverty level, and it has the world’s highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate. More than 28 percent of adults have the disease, and countless numbers of children live with the disease every day. Mountain Springs Church and Beyond Survival are both local

    Jun 01,
  • Timothy Project: CSCS Ecuador 2017 will feature a soccer team from Colorado Springs Christian Schools (CSCS) headed to Quito, Ecuador mid-June. The team will partner with Inca Link and their soccer ministry, Cumbre Alta.   Soccer players and their parents who attend CSCS will be working to serve the needs Inca Link has in their ministries. One of those groups is the semi-professional team Cumbre Alta. It is a team driven to compete at the highest level while focusing on ministry and discipleship. Jason Rollins, CSCS Athletic Director and coach of both the girls and boys soccer teams, expounded on Cumbre Alta and its objectives within the Quito communities, The soccer players also work with youth to connect with them through

    May 24,
  • CrossTraining's Timothy Project: Liberia 2017 is grateful to have the opportunity to reach the people of Liberia again through Thomas Fahn's Liberian Institute For Empowerment (L.I.F.E.). Fahn recently sent an update on the state of Liberia in light of the latest events in the area. We are struck by what Fahn has to share and  even more honored to help make a difference for the children of Liberia. Fahn writes, "As you know, Liberia came from fourteen years of brutal civil war, which ravaged the country’s economic, health, and education infrastructures. The 2014 Ebola outbreak also added to the suffering of the Liberian people, killing nearly 5,000 people. Many Liberia youth were greatly affected by these two traumatic events. As result,

    May 04,
  • CrossTraining's Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2017 Final Update shares about the donations, used by the Valor girls soccer team, that surprised an unsuspecting championship team with cleats moments before the game's whistle blew to start the game! According to Valor junior, Caroline Noonan, : "We were able to provide her kids with cleats just in time!" FC Fusion is a ministry in Costa Rica, founded in Tamarindo , to reach kids in the community.  They were preparing for a championship game when the Valor team met them.  The Valor students discovered that even though they were headed into a championship game, some of the players didn't even own cleats.  Valor sprang into action and not only fitted them with

    Apr 27,