• For the Timothy Project: Senegal 2016 Final Update spring has been exciting time. The Center in Senegal has seen tremendous growth in the soccer program they're building.  The Center and its team members have been working hard to provide structured and well-run soccer clubs to the children both locally and in surrounding communities. This April, the Center hosted a tournament in St. Louis, Senegal.  Over 80 children participated in the all-day tournament.  These children came from The Center's kid's clubs, surrounding neighborhoods and even many boys from off the streets. Hosting tournaments to reach more children (ages 3-18) has been a deep desire of the team members.  This tournament was not the first this spring and hopefully only one of many in the coming months. 

    Apr 20,
  • The Timothy Project: Senegal 2016 Update features an update from Brian Davis' team that requested gear last year.  Members of the team grew up in Gabon, a Central African country where a passion for soccer and desire to share the love and truth of God has proven an easy way to share the Good News. Since arriving in 2013, the team in Senegal has hosted a kids clubs where the children play soccer and make crafts among other activities.  With the popularity of soccer, the team built a small 4v4 soccer field on top of their roof for the children.  They even made soccer goals out of pipes and fishing nets.  There can easily be over 100 children who come to The Center

    Mar 16,