Board of Directors

Cliff Burton, Chair

A graduate of Campbell University, Cliff works in sales and is the longest serving Board Member. He resides in North Carolina.

Rod Underwood, At-Large

Former professional player and current Head Coach, Rod manages Chattanooga FC which plays in the NISL. He resides in Washington.

Geoff Eliason, Vice-chair

A graduate of Indiana University-Bloomington, Geoff works in the financial sector. He resides in Colorado.

Matthew Adams, Treasurer

A graduate of the University of Denver, Matthew is an expert in taxation in the energy sector. He resides in Colorado.

Travis Eliason, Secretary

A graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law, Travis is partner at a legal firm in Chicago. He resides in Illinois.

Jan van Vliet, At-large

A graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, Jan is the former Professor of Economics at Dordt University. He resides in Iowa.

Jeremy Tittle, At-Large

Former Head Coach of Metropolitan State University of Denver, Jeremy brings a wealth of knowledge of the Beautiful Game to the Board. He resides in Denver.