• This past Sunday night, Brooke Ewert and I did some final preparations for the 2nd Global Congress on Christianity and Sport at Calvin University next week. We got our two families together for a homemade pizza dinner and threatened our children and teens to have to sit through our rehearsal. Fortunately, there were games and distractions in the basement and our spouses, unwittingly sat, listened and gave feedback for our presentation. I asked Brooke this week how she was feeling about the Congress and some of the things she was looking forward to, she shared with me, Rarely, are there this many people who are believers in Christ and who are interested in sports in one location. I usually feel alone

    Oct 18,
  • Brooke Ewert, Director of Counseling, and myself enjoyed a time of sharing this morning around the "Breakfast Table" with our friends at AM91. Roy Hanschke and Denise Washington-Blomberg were our hosts this morning around the table and we were able to cover a number of topics including the upcoming 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity at Calvin University. In case you missed our interview today, you can listen to the compiled interview segments here (26 min long). Thank you fro continuing to pray and support the ministry and work of Soccer Chaplains United!

    Oct 04,
  • We're just one month away from the 2nd Global Congress on Christianity and Sport at Calvin University (formerly Calvin College) in Grand Rapids, MI. Soccer Chaplains United will feature in two of the many breakout sessions during the four-day event. A list of the different break out sessions is viewable here. The first session, A Biblical Foundation for Chaplaincy in Sport will take place on Friday, 10/25 (12:30-2:00 pm, Eastern). In this session, I will propose a different starting point for considering chaplaincy and sports chaplaincy from a biblical framework. Currently, there is not an article being published, but hopefully there will be something to add into the library of sports chaplaincy at some point. The second session, entitled, Chaplaincy

    Sep 24,
  • Nicholas Runyan, a counselor with Soccer Chaplains United, has announced his resignation after serving for one year. His service was marked by offering counseling especially for the young athletes and their families in the Developmental Academy and others within the Colorado Rapids organization and several area youth club players. Runyan wrote, Thank you for the opportunity to join your team and for including me to serve the Rapids and other local soccer organizations. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work more closely with and support the Rapids organization.Nicholas Runyan, Counselor Runyan leaves with a need to consolidate his extra commitments. The additional time will allow him to offer more availability as he looks to grow his private practice. Soccer Chaplains United

    Sep 10,
  • We're just a couple months away from the 2nd Global Congress on Christianity and Sport. This year's congress is being held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI October 23 — 27 and it's not too late to register. Here is a place for dialogue and sharpening between academics, theologians, practitioners like chaplains and counselor, and others connected into the world of sport. I really enjoyed the last congress in York, England back in 2016. And, as I have mentioned before, it was at the congress that God gave us a new vision to change the name of our ministry to Soccer Chaplains United. At the York congress, I gave a presentation entitled: Foundations of Pastoral Care- Recovering the Spirit

    Aug 26,