Here is a list of all of our Community Projects and work that have happened in the country of Uganda. Below are links to stories and updates on various projects.

  • Posted on August 6, 2020 8:00 am

    Today, I will be taking a long drive to deliver the soccer gear and equipment for the Musana Community Project Request. Musana, currently, is the only project that has been able to try and get off the ground in a year stifled by COVID-19. With many countries and non-profit and NGO's hampered by the global pandemic, Musana continues to try and move forward with their plan to send converted shipping containers (doubling as school and medical rooms) to rural Uganda (outside of Kampala). Originally, Soccer Chaplains United was able to fill about 10 bins with about 425 lbs. of soccer gear and equipment; but when Valor canceled their trip to Costa Rica and with many churches and groups canceling the typical summer mission trips, the opportunity came to provide Musana with more. Last month, a packing day with some local Christian high school student volunteers helped get Musana double what

  • Posted on January 9, 2020 5:00 am

    Musana Community Development is the first Community Project request for Soccer Chaplains United for 2020. Musana is a non-profit located in Uganda, which started 11 years ago, when Colorado natives Andrea and Leah Pauline traveled to Uganda for a summer internship. Witnessing extreme poverty and corruption at a local orphanage, they knew they had to help. Shortly after starting Musana, the girls began partnering with local Ugandans to empower them to BE THE CHANGE in their own community. That is when their vision shifted and they realized a new way to tackle poverty. Led and envisioned by local Ugandans, Musana is not a charity, but a sustainable solution. Bringing economic and social development together, Musana uses social enterprises as a catalyst for change. Musana is breaking the cycle of poverty through an integrated, holistic approach that is restoring hope and dignity by pointing to the local people, in helping them

  • Posted on August 22, 2019 5:00 pm

    The team from partner church, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, returned from Kampala, Uganda and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July. The team of 19 students and leaders returned with some great stories and pictures of their time in these two African countries.  While the team was in Uganda, they ministered with Youth for Christ (YFC). Youth for Christ has recently moved from the capital city of Kampala to the city of Matugga. On their new property, they have a soccer field where they hold community soccer games. On one of the days the CCPC team were there, YFC invited kids from the community and nearby schools to come play soccer in their field. Members of the CCPC team went down to the field to meet the kids. After meeting the people who came, they had the opportunity to give their new friends the gift of Rapids jerseys. They continued to grow

  • Posted on June 24, 2019 10:14 am

    The youth group at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, one of Soccer Chaplains United's partner churches, will be taking a trip to Kampala, Uganda and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July. A team of 19 students and leaders, passionate about serving the Lord and others, will leave for a couple of weeks to travel to Ethiopia and Uganda and work with different groups and organizations in each country. Our team is excited about this opportunity to participate in how God is working across the world. We are going on this trip to love, bless, and encourage people in Uganda and Ethiopia.Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church Trip Participant For the first part of the trip, the team from Cherry Creek will be running a VBS for Hope for the Fatherless. Hope for the Fatherless is an organization that seeks to cultivate a culture of adoption in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a major orphan crisis that

  • Posted on August 3, 2017 6:00 am

    The Timothy Project: CCPC Uganda 2017 Update is pleased to report that through the soccer gear donated by CrossTraining many lives in the outskirts of Kampala were changed for the good.  Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (CCPC) is a valued ministry partner of CrossTraining.  Through this partnership Timothy Project donations have touched the lives of hundreds of people in Uganda over the years. This trip, in particular, brought great encouragement to both CCPC and CrossTraining as a former member of Youth For Christ Uganda (YFC) has established and is leading his own soccer league.  His name is JP and he was deeply involved with a previous CCPC trip to Uganda.  Unbeknownst to the CCPC team, JP has since launched his own soccer program in the very same slum neighborhood in which he grew up.  Youth For Christ chose the location to give the soccer gear.  When the team arrived to the

  • Posted on June 15, 2017 6:00 am

    The Timothy Project: CCPC Uganda 2017 trip will see a team of adults and students from CrossTraining's  partner church, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church head to Kampala, Uganda for a couple weeks of ministry. . The team consisting of adult leaders and students, will over two weeks, serve in a number of ways. From school visits and participating in school ministry, to partnering with and hearing stories from Youth For Christ leaders, to visiting with pregnant teenagers at the Mirembe House. The team will also have a day of soccer ministry, playing with the street kids of Kampala and also work on a service project in Gulu with a safari experience at the end of the trip. CCPC has made a regular trip of going to Uganda and also utilized the Timothy Project when a team went in 2015. New to the team for this year is Cameron Bristol, who shared his excitement

  • Posted on September 17, 2015 8:00 am

    This Thursday, we want to remind you about our projects that we've seen happen this past year and a few that are on the horizon of the rest of the year. Check out the Timothy Project links below and pray for those that are working in these communities around the world. Haiti Guatemala Uganda Timothy Project Final Update coming soon! Czech Republic And, some of our latest Timothy Project proposals, just about to kick off! Mexico Liberia If you would like to make a contribution to the Timothy Project Program please note Timothy Project in your donation. You can use the Donate Now link to make a secure PayPal donation. Your financial gift helps to secure additional equipment, sponsor a missionary or organization in an outreach effort, and to cover associated costs of providing bibles, soccer equipment, and other outreach tools locally and around the world! #TPT

  • Posted on August 6, 2015 6:00 am

    For Pastor Chris Piehl, the recent trip with Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church to Kampala, Uganda was eye-opening on several different fronts - from the sparse "field" conditions to the giving away of soccer uniforms to some of the ministry partners that work with local youth in Kampala. Pastor Piehl and Cherry Creek Presbyterian reached out to CrossTraining via the Timothy Project to see if there was any soccer equipment and gear that the team could take with them to Uganda. Pastor Piehl shares the Timothy Project: Uganda 2015 final update below, We had a great trip and the soccer gear was a huge hit and blessing.  We spent one afternoon playing soccer against a team of street kids in Kampala.  You can see in the pictures that the "pitch" was a bit challenging (I have a big bruise on what foot from kicking a rock instead of the ball!)

  • Posted on July 9, 2015 6:00 am

    Pastor Chris Piehl and the 20-person team from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, are now nine days into their work trip in Kampala, Uganda. The team is serving with Youth For Christ Uganda. Check out the team's blog page to find out how the trip is going. Piehl and the team took soccer uniforms, balls and other equipment to use with the children on "Sports Day" - here the team gets a chance to play soccer and build friendships by spending time playing and fellowshipping. If you would like to make a contribution to help with this or future Timothy Projects, please note (Timothy Project) in your online donation and use the Donate Now link to make a secure PayPal donation. #TPT

  • Posted on June 25, 2015 6:00 am

    From Denver, Colorado on a good day, it takes about 21 hours to fly to Uganda - talk about a time change! For Pastor Chris Piehl and a 20-person team comprised of members of the youth group and several adult leaders from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, they will embark on the long journey from Denver to Kampala to do mission work for a couple weeks during July (July 1- July 18). The team from Cherry Creek Pres will be serving with Youth For Christ Uganda. This year marks the 8th year of partnership between Cherry Creek Pres and YFC Uganda and the second trip to Kampala in which the leadership hope to make a bi-annual trip. Kampala, Uganda is situated north of Lake Victoria and is the capital and largest city in Uganda. YFC Uganda (Facebook) has a vibrant ministry in and around Kampala. Pastor Piehl mentioned some of the