• Last week, I had the terrifying privilege of trying to change a flat tire on Southbound I-25 near Denver, CO. With each pass of a semi truck or vehicle, the wind buffeted the car while I fetched out the spare tire and jacked up the car for the first time in my memory. I needed to look at the owner's manual to even understand where the spare tire was on the vehicle. I also think it is the first time in perhaps 15 years that I have had to change a tire and, I am thankfully still alive. Driving to the tire shop, I arrived — discouraged with the setback, but grateful no harm and no further damage other than the

    Nov 17,
  • If you're like me, you're likely getting a few emails these days from various ministries, churches, non-profit, and NGO's. One email header caught my attention: THOUSANDS of lives changed... Thousands. As I opened up this particular group's Year in Review report, I saw amazing graphics, cool photographs, video linked testimonials. It was the third, such, Year in Review or Year Summary that I had seen and felt drawn into. It started me wondering whether Soccer Chaplains United needs to put together a professional looking report and summary for our own donors and constituency. But then I paused. What if our number was only one? What if we only impacted one life? Is one life, worth it? Is one life enough?

    Dec 20,
  • For the Colorado Rapids, offseason came sooner than last year. No playoff game appearance. No run for the league cup final. Players, coaches, staff all scattering to the far reaches of the globe until it's time to return and begin a season anew. For the Rapids and many others throughout professional soccer in North America, the season of waiting commences. The Rapids, recently announced a new head coach — so for some, the wait in that regard is over. But as the 2018 season lies ahead, there is a painful waiting that has begun. Waiting for a Contract Imagine this scenario. You are 30 years-old. Married. You and your spouse are expecting your first child and you are waiting for

    Dec 03,
  •   Last Sunday, I had the privilege of sharing at the Year-end Banquet for the Valor Christian Boys Soccer Program. For 2017, our spiritual theme had covered different aspects of what comprised a real man of faith. As a final example, I shared this story with the players, parents, and coaches assembled. As he lay there, with his worst, life-enemies closing in on his position, he looked around. Two of his brothers were already dead. His father, somewhere nearby, had been fatally wounded in the fighting. He could only hear him cursing and calling out. The searing pain that coursed through his body was only briefly abated as he tried to close his eyes. His life flashed briefly in front

    Nov 19,
  • Today, we pay homage to St Martin of Tours. St Martin is the patron saint of chaplaincy. His recognized feast day in the church is recognized on November 11. The English word 'chaplain' comes from Martin's life story. Martin, as a Roman soldier, one day was headed into the city of Amiens, France with his troops. On the side of the road, he saw a man shivering from the cold. Moved with compassion, Martin cut a piece of his cloak and offered it to the man as a covering from the cold. Later that night, in a dream, Jesus appeared to Martin. Martin, who is still but a catechumen, clothed me with this robe. The compelling words of Jesus encouraged

    Nov 12,

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