• Rupert Manion rudely interrupts the fundraising benefit and in his mid-event introduction to Coach Lasso, he claims the love of his team that resides in his heart...you know, the lifelong love that we often have for our sports teams and clubs? Which team (or sport) has your lifetime fan-dom or passion? In today's "Lessons from Lasso" on the From the Touchline podcast, this one is aimed more at the passionate fan. We take a look at how the love and subsequent obsession may actually be a dangerous thing. What might Jesus say to us about the time, attention, energy, and money that we pour into our obsessions (sports or otherwise?). We get a simple lesson in the different kinds of

    Apr 27,
  • Veteran Roy Kent is fuming. Pretty boy Jamie Tartt is antagonizing. The team is divided. And Coach Lasso is struggling to repair and restore team unity. Coach Lasso's words of wisdom to Kent? "Don't let the wisdom of age be wasted on you..." In today's "Lessons from Lasso" on the From the Touchline podcast, we take a look at wisdom — how does someone gain wisdom? What's the difference between having knowledge, having wisdom, and applying it? Ted Lasso, the immensely popular streaming TV show in its second season on Apple TV+ features the antics and quirky, Coach 'Ted Lasso.' Lasso first appeared a number of years ago as a comedic character as NBC purchased the broadcast rights to the

    Apr 20,
  • Telling the truth is difficult in our day and age and maybe nowhere more difficult than in the football world. Today, Coach Lasso takes a minute to speak some truth into young Nathan's life as they head off for the team charity benefit gala. In today's "Lessons from Lasso" on the From the Touchline podcast, I reflect on how difficult it is for truth-telling these days and something that we can see and learn from Coach Lasso as he takes a moment to tell one of his staff members a truth that he needs to hear. The Bible tells us that those who are really worthy of being in God's house are "truth tellers who don't have slander on their

    Apr 06,
  • Perhaps you've heard the adage — a house divided cannot stand. These words, spoken by Jesus a couple thousand years ago, play out in the rift that we see between members of the AFC Richmond team and Coach Lasso and Coach Beard have got to come up with a solution before it all unravels. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I reflect on the inability for teams, homes, and kingdoms or nations to continue to exist with sharp division — there has to be reconciliation, there has to be healing and repair. During Jesus' earthly ministry he was accused of being on the same side as Satan — a ridiculous accusation and Jesus' words are a reminder that a

    Mar 30,
  • Tensions and fights happen in football — especially in the elite side of the game. There's a lot at stake and a wide variety of sources and causes of division and struggle and more. What happens when the emotions and passion boil over and threaten to destroy the camaraderie and unity of a locker room? Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I look at AFC Richmond going through this particularly difficult stages of group formation — one that teams often go through. A similar situation that Jesus faced with his own disciples — his rule wasn't "No fight club" but rather one that went deeper into the heart and ethos of a group of people that were tied together into a

    Mar 23,