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  • In football, soccer, many fans whose favorite teams are in the throes of relegation and promotion or playoffs, have their hopes dashed and come crashing to the ground. When the team doesn't have a good season, there are consequences for going down into an inferior tier of soccer. When a team doesn't produce any winners or any trophies, there are consequences for everyone involved. In today's Lesson From Lasso, we watch as Coach Ted Lasso confronts this attitude and cliché phrase that "It's the hope that kills you..." which is articulated by several AFC Richmond fans and even the footballers themselves. We look at the Christian concept of hope and what hope in Jesus means, especially for those who are

  • There's actually a number of reasons for Roy Kent to struggle to love Coach Ted Lasso. And maybe this is even the case for some of us when it comes to loving God. There's likely things that have happened to us in life. There are hard things that God asks us to do. These are challenges in our relationship with God and even with ourselves. In today's Lesson From Lasso, we look at the exchange between Coach Lasso and Captain Roy Kent in the opening scenes of episode 10, season 1. For me, there are some reminders to a tough love conversation that Jesus has to have with one of his best friends and disciples, Peter. We take a look

  • Ritual is rare in the Western culture and context and while there are things that are unique and specific to football, not even in the Beautiful Game are many times where rites of passage are happening, or are happening well. In today's Lesson From Lasso, we look at Nate ascending from kit-man or clubhouse attendant to the role of assistant coach. The ceremony and celebration and elevation of Nate get connected into a night when Jesus demonstrates and models for his best friends, a way of serving and a way of honoring one another. Jesus gets down and dirty as he washes his friends feet and then encourages them to do the same. Ted Lasso, the immensely popular streaming TV

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    It's Holy Week, and in years past I've spoken on the podcast about "Spy Wednesday" and the devious and dubious work of Judas to set up the betrayal of Jesus. But this year, I want to give a different view to the day/night and see what is happening to Jesus. In fact, this particular moment may have been the "last straw" for Judas and prompted him to sell out Jesus. Today on the podcast, I take a look at Jesus being anointed during the evening meal the week before he goes to the cross. What does his anointing have to do with us in soccer a couple thousand years later? Well, we will get into that, as well. We look

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    Who doesn't love a good victory parade? The music, the ticker tape, all of it — no matter the sport, fans and followers seem to enjoy celebrating alongside their sports heroes a good victory. In soccer, the same is true. But for Christians, as we approach this upcoming Sunday (Palm Sunday), it's a victory celebration that doesn't last long (at first glance). Today on the podcast, I take a look at Jesus' "triumphal" entry in to Jerusalem. As he enters into the city for what will be one of the last times of his earthly life, he draws the celebratory crowds. I offer some reflections that we might take away for ourselves — whether we're marching or riding in a victory

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    This upcoming weekend, MLS Next Pro kicks off season three. Today, on the podcast, I am joined by special guests: Jubal McDaniel (chaplain to the Tacoma Defiance and Soccer Chaplains’ United’s very own Pacific Chaplain Manager) and Jonathan Hyde (chaplain to Chattanooga FC). Each of these guys is a volunteer chaplain with Soccer Chaplains United and serving a MLS NEXT Pro team. Today we’ll take a look at the 2024 season that lies ahead as well as some of the unique features and challenges for each of their teams. And because it’s Jonathan’s first time on the pod, we will get in a fun game of Crosses with Rev. From the Touchline is a short-feature (10-15 min) podcast with Rev

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