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  • Last week, the Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors unanimously voted to approve Matthew Adams to the board. Matthew is VP, Senior Tax Counsel at Cloud Peak Energy and a member of the Department of the Interior Royalty Policy Committee. Originally from Iowa, Matthew grew up playing soccer and he is passionate about leadership and strategic development. An assistant coach at Valor Christian High School, Matthew has had two sons in the program, which  is how Matthew and I met. As I became involved with the Valor Christian soccer program as a coach, I was tremendously impressed with the cultural impact that Rev. had on the coaches and players alike.  His modeling and support of Christian values as players deal with

  • I am excited by our latest project that we've just completed — an introductory video that describes Soccer Chaplains United. Many times, people ask, "What do you do?" In some ways, to simply describe (or try to explain) chaplaincy doesn't quite convey the breadth of our approach with Soccer Chaplains United. This new video is a wonderful description of the three different expressions or extensions of Soccer Chaplains United. Our video below details the different work that Soccer Chaplains United does around the sport of soccer. Chaplaincy — this is our primary work. We serve as chaplains to the soccer teams and organizations at various levels of the game. Our chaplaincy is about offering pastoral/spiritual care — and we serve

  • It is my privilege to announce Brooke Ewert as the new Director of Counseling for Soccer Chaplains United. Brooke has been with Soccer Chaplains United for over two years, serving with the different needs in the Denver, CO area. With our expanded view to grow the counseling network for Soccer Chaplains United, this represents a major step toward insuring that the development of the counseling can move at a similar pace as the chaplaincy side of things. I am excited to take on this new role with SCU. I believe there is a great need for mental health counseling within the soccer community. I look forward to aligning these two critical ministries within SCU.  As Director, Brooke will be responsible

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    Please find here the electronic, pdf version of our annual report for 2018. 2018 Annual ReportDownload We have been blessed by this past year and look forward to the upcoming year of ministry and service. If there are any questions about the annual report and you are a donor or partner church, please contact me at We view you as our "shareholders" in this important work and area always working to address issues of transparency and accountability in the spaces where we work and serve. This is not an easy job, either. We have been deeply entrusted in the places where we serve and amongst a culture that is highly skeptical of religion and religious expressions. You will not

  • Jack Ballou has been one of the longstanding board members for Soccer Chaplains United. Beginning his service in 2015, Jack has served through the transition from CrossTraining to Soccer Chaplains United and has been largely responsible for helping the organization set its financial policies and procedures into place. In addition to helping create the existing structure, he has helped oversee the expanding book-keeping needs and the addition of a part-time book-keeper. At the end of his second, two-year term Jack expressed his desire to step away from the board of directors, but continue to serve as a CPA for Soccer Chaplains United. He will continue to be involved to insure a smooth hand off is made to the next board

  • This past weekend, I had the awesome privilege and weighty task of preaching on Ephesians 4:1-16 at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church. The church has a Saturday night Word & Table service, and two morning service times on Sunday — one traditional and one "convergent" or modern service. Friend and mentor, Pastor Mike Anderson, asked me, "How did it go?" I simply responded, It's not my forte! But, perhaps, put a different way — sermon prep and delivery just hasn't been part of my routine, rhythm and experience as a pastor. I have in my years away from seminary and some pulpit-filling during seminary preached only a handful of times on a Sunday morning or in a special service. My work in

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