Counselor's Corner: Just Be

Dec 18, 2017

I saw the movie The Star this past weekend. It was refreshing to look at the Christmas story from the animal’s perspective. How many times do we gloss over the Christmas story? We have heard it many times and quickly say “Oh, I know it.” This Christmas season, I’ve been trying to slow down and not to gloss over anything. I’ve been trying to read the Christmas story slower and to think about each person’s place in the story in a meaningful way. I have found that God has been revealing to me each person was divinely appointed for that time. They each had a  place in God’s amazing story.

Brooke and her son, Trevor

How often do we forget our place in God’s story? To be honest, I forget a lot. I get caught up in day to day activities and forget I have a divinely appointed purpose. I am a wife, mom, counselor, Bible Study leader, and a friend. The list goes on and on and it’s in that list I forget that I have a place in God’s story. I often find myself getting frustrated because my life is not going according to my plans, but then I hear a gentle whisper from God telling me to be patient and wait. Oh, how bad I am at waiting!

God loves when we are listening. It is in this time that he guides our steps to place us where he wants us in his story. It is in this time that he also draws us closer to him to feel comfort, peace, and rest. Isn’t that so much like the Christmas story? Joseph. Mary. The Shepherds. The Wise Men. They were willing to listen to God. They were willing to be obedient.  They were willing to just ‘be’ and God used each of them in magnificent ways for His glory! I feel like our ‘charge’ this Christmas season is to wait and to ‘just be’ and see what God will reveal to us about Himself.

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