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First Time Community Request for Cambodia


In a first for Soccer Chaplains United Community Project requests, Larry and Micah Koorneef are heading to Cambodia this August. The father and son team, members at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, met Setan Lee and his ministry TransformAsia. It was through a series of conversations and Micah’s own studies, that God put a burden on their hearts for traveling to Cambodia to serve.

As a family we have been praying for years about the specific destination and timing of such a trip…this past fall we started studying up on SE Asia (because that was my dream) and eventually Cambodia in particular. God enabled us to partner with TransformAsia this spring and plan a way to serve with them this summer.

Micah Koorneef, on God leading them to Cambodia

TransformAsia is led by Dr Setan Lee who was once imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge and was nearly killed because he had attended university. At a critical moment of despair, as soldiers of the Khmer Rouge were beating him, Lee called out to the ‘God of the Universe’ to save him. Miraculously, the guards stopped and…well, you need to hear Setan’s story for yourself. See the short (8 min) video below.

Setan’s story as told by CBN

While in Cambodia, the Koorneef’s along with Setan will specifically be spending much of their time at the David Orphanage Center in Anlong Veng near the Thailand border. There, Larry and Micah and others will serve by caring for the nearly 60 kids who live there at a time. The volunteers that serve regularly at this center, help show love to the orphaned preschool and elementary aged “jungle kids” of the Khmer Rouge killing fields. Larry and Micah will help with school work—especially English and math lessons, play with the kids through sports and crafts, go on special trips and share meals with them.

Setan Lee in Cambodia

I am excited to be traveling with my dad and Mr. Setan Lee! We actually read Setan’s biography called Miracles in the Forgotten Land and Beyond and even invited his wife Randa and him over for dinner the other day. Reading his book, I knew he was an amazing man who serves Jesus Christ with his whole heart, but after meeting him, I also know he is a really cool and funny guy! I love that we joke around looking each other right in the eye!

Micah Koorneef, on meeting and getting to know Setan Lee

In addition to the orphanage, Micah and Larry will also spend time at the Kambour Feeding Center in Kambour Village – a working farm, feeding all who come, reportedly 150+ kids/day! They will also visit the Joy Day Care which is located in the garbage dump/slum area near Phnom Penn. The Day Care center serves young children of poor families who collect refuse or look for other work during the day.

In the weeks and months ahead, I hope to learn a lot about God’s love for me and how He can use me starting right now…and forever. I hope to be a conduit of God’s love to those I meet. I hope someone will come to know and trust Jesus because of me. Will you please pray for all of this?

Micah Koorneef, on his hope for the trip and time in Cambodia

Specific to the request, the Koorneef father and son team will be looking to take about 70 pounds of soccer gear and equipment on their trip.

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