• Jubal McDaniel doubles as a volunteer chaplain by night, an athletic director and soccer coach and non-profit leader by day, and a host of other things in between. Recently, in a phone call with Jubal, he mentioned some work that he is resuming with taking soccer to encourage and love on refugee youth and families in Spokane, WA later this summer. Jubal and his non-profit, NW Football Ministries will partner with World Relief Spokane. World Relief is a global Christian humanitarian organization that brings sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest problems – disasters, extreme poverty, violence, oppression, and mass displacement. They partner with local churches and community leaders in the U.S. and abroad to bring hope, healing and transformation to

    May 19,
  • What the heck is an NFT? What about an NIL? Do you know? Should we care? Well, today, on the From the Touchline podcast, we dive into a new world where many things seem to be spelled out in three letters or less! For those that don't know, an NFT is a non-fungible token and NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness — these are two hot topics right now in sport, and especially in soccer. The two are linked and perhaps a bit infamously as there is a real lack of clarity around what these things are and how they affect people and even the game at this point. I am certainly no expert, but we need to dive

    May 18,
  • For a number of years now, Soccer Chaplains United's very own Benjamin Dudley has been collaborating, teaching, and contributing with his alma mater, Baylor University. The well-known, Division-I school in Waco, Texas is also home to the George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Amongst the seminary's distinct theological and ministry-driven programs is the Faith and Sport Institute (FSI). It's exciting to see Truett recognizing sport and recreation as a field that is worth investing into. It's an important space for developing Christian leaders and Christian thought in and around sport — the athletes, the coaches, and the fans. I'm proud that this is coming from my alma mater and I love serving with a diverse and ecumenical group that challenge the

    May 17,
  • Jason Rollins, Assistant Administrator and Athletic Director with Colorado Springs Christian School and Director of Player Development with Anglers FC, has served on mission in Ecuador before. In 2017, he led a group of students from CSCS to serve and minister with Inca Link and their professional soccer outreach team. Again in the summer of 2019, a group of students, parents and sponsors returned to working with Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta.  CDCA is dedicated to reaching the highest level of Ecuadorian soccer as the team looks to share Christ with those in their sphere of influence. The Cumbre Alta professional team is currently in the 3rd division in Ecuador. A number of the team members come from diverse backgrounds, but

    May 12,
  • What happens when we run into conflict? Do we avoid it? Or, face it head on? Well, Coach Lasso attempts to bridge the gap that continues to grow amongst the team by bringing together his two leaders — the youthful, Jamie Tartt and the veteran, Roy Kent for a little "parent trap" conversation. In today's "Lessons from Lasso," we talk about conflict resolution. Conflict is inevitable, especially amongst professional football. And there are healthy ways of dealing with conflict and unhealthy ways — the work is to figure out what may need to be done to mend the proverbial fences and to work together to achieve something. As part of the From the Touchline podcast, today's lesson features a brief

    May 11,
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