• Lesson 43 and we tackle the supposed curse that hovers over AFC Richmond — the treatment room has a dark history and is the source of a superstition effecting players and staff, alike. Our favorite new person, Danny Rojas, is in jeopardy as he has an injury and the team looks to ward off the evil spirits and ghosts that are plaguing the club. Football (and most all sport for that matter) is filled with superstition. How do we combat the curses and fight off evil (whether from modern day or the past)? Today on the podcast, we look at the power of curse versus the power of blessing and we see from some examples in the history of the

    Feb 01,
  • Not long into episode six, we meet the affable and lovable, Danny Rojas. The joy-filled, Mexican footballer from Guadalajara helps swing the mood for Coach Ted Lasso and the rest of the AFC Richmond locker room as he runs out onto the field, declaring "Football is life!" For many, many people in and around football — athletes, coaches, fans — football is life, and sometimes to a detrimental degree; however, there is One who declares to be life and not just the temporal, earthly kind but that and much more — the eternal version. It's Jesus. Today on the podcast, we look at three different claims and statements that Jesus makes that tie him into life and then come to

    Jan 25,
  • While it wasn't on my radar, 2023 is starting with a slight feeling of being behind the proverbial 8-ball. As we near the end of the month of January there is a growing list of chaplain candidates waiting for interviews and processing for part of Soccer Chaplains United. For some chaplain candidates, they are already in place and in position and might simply be considered "transfers." The early encouragement from the Pro Soccer Chaplains Association is for independent and unaffiliated chaplains to align with a founding organization. For some of those chaplains, we are a better fit than others. But beyond what we might call "transfer growth" has been the numerical growth of the game as well as the increase

    Jan 24,
  • Tonight, I embark on something a little bit new and different — I will help facilitate an online course with Baylor University's George W. Truett Theological Seminary. The course, entitled, Soul Care in Sports, is developed by Professor Cindy White. She, along with husband John, helped to co-found the Faith and Sport Institute and teaches part-time with the university. The Soul Care in Sports class is part of the degree plan for the Master of Arts in Theology and Sports Studies. The course has a number of residential as well as online students participating in the class. Baylor's Truett Seminary is one of the few seminaries in the US offering a sports ministry and sports chaplaincy focus for learning. As I

    Jan 23,
  • The Pro Soccer Chaplains Association (PSCA) is close to an informal and unofficial launch after a year's worth of discussion and work to understand a way forward for the future. What initially began in late 2021 with the decision to host a leadership summit between the different organizations operating in the pro soccer space, COVID canceled an in-person meeting, but spurred on the decision to begin the process through a series of regular meetings online. Leaders of the different groups and organizations that have volunteer chaplains posted within the top professional soccer leagues in North America came together to understand ways forward with the ever-shifting and growing landscape of professional soccer. Amongst some of the drivers — standards, accountability, unity and

    Jan 20,
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