• Last week, Major League Soccer (MLS) kicked off — this week, most teams that were on the road are hosting their first home match for 2024. The same is true for the Colorado Rapids (my club) and in today's podcast, I reflect a little bit on the theme and idea of home. A few years ago, I read a wonderful little children's story entitled, The Trip to Panama. In it, two characters, Little Bear and Little Tiger set out to find the "land of their dreams." They end up making a round about circle and end up at home again, but it's in the journey that they undertake that the learn a lot about themselves, about what the "land of

    Feb 28,
  • There's something new and exciting happening in Spokane, WA — a new United Soccer League organization is bringing professional soccer to the city. The Spokane Velocity will play at the USL-1 level, a third-division professional team. In addition, the organization is bringing a women's team and also housing a USL-2 side. Beginning last year, Soccer Chaplains United started to gather candidates for serving as chaplain with the hope to present and place a chaplain in time for the inaugural 2024 season for the club. After several rounds of conversations and interviews with a number of qualified and interested candidates, Russell Branham stood out from among a strong pool of people. Russ works full-time as a national sales manager for a

    Feb 26,
  • In our first Community Project request for 2024, the football gear has landed! Or, at least part of it in Benin and is now in the hands of local leader Dorothé and the children that he is teaching soccer to and also sharing about the love of Jesus. Last month, Lucia Eberle, made a request for soccer gear through her EPC church in Texas. It was a quick turnaround because there was an opportunity to meet her church pastor in Phoenix and get the gear back to Texas with no shipping charges (🙌Southwest - two bags fly free). What was really exciting for me as I "pulled" the project, was the way that some of the quantities and sizes seemed

    Feb 22,
  • As a volunteer chaplain entering my 23rd season with the Colorado Rapids, I have come to find an important rhythm to start a season. You might find it strange, but Deuteronomy 20 has become, for me, an important reference point as I bless athletes, coaches, and others involved in the Beautiful Game. If you're not familiar with Deuteronomy 20, in the spring time, the nation of Israel has the priests come out and bless those who will be engaged in defending and fighting for the lands need to sustain the people. As untrained, non-professional soldiers, Israel needed to depend upon God in the face of more powerful opponents and overwhelming odds. They needed to be reminded that God is with

    Feb 21,
  • When Jason Rollins heard that Kurt Trempert was stepping down from serving as the volunteer chaplain to the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC, he politely asked, "Who is filling your spot?" But, to be honest, he didn't give it much more thought — he wasn't ordained, isn't a pastor, and has never been a "chaplain" before. But as the search continued for a volunteer chaplain to serve the team, there were a number of barriers present for several of the other candidates, namely the issue of being able to commit to the time involved in serving as a team chaplain. As several candidates dropped off due to busyness, we re-opened the search and after consulting former chaplain, Kurt Trempert, Jason is

    Feb 19,
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