• Erin Burmeister has faithfully served Soccer Chaplains United for the past couple of years as the inaugural Community Coordinator in the Denver area. This past month she announced that she would be stepping down to devote more time to other volunteer and ministry work. My greatest joy during the past few years was, and still is, to see God blessing this ministry with outstanding growth.Erin Burmeister Erin was instrumental in a number of ways. First, she helped bring some much needed support and organization for what was then known as the Timothy Project. Secondly, she helped work through the new nuances of the community coordination position — a new endeavor at the time. She also was part of the branding

    Mar 28,
  • Soccer Chaplains United's first community project request fulfillment of 2019 came last week as one of the directors of Y Quien Habla Por Mí was in Colorado visiting me and my family. Nasser Moreno and I became friends a few years ago when my family was in Juarez, Mexico on a family mission service project. Nasser, a former football (soccer) player, happened to be visiting his family in Juarez at the time and we hit it off. Nasser and I met in October 2017 in Juarez, MX Last year, Nasser and his uncle and aunt came to the U.S. for a visit. We ended up hosting him for a number of days. Between my broken Spanish and his broken English

    Mar 26,

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