• Today, I had the privilege of presenting two sessions on sports chaplaincy to about thirty men and women interested in or whom are currently serving as sports chaplains in the country of India. In the first session, I presented an expanded presentation of a Biblical Foundation for Sports Chaplaincy along the lines of last year's presentation at Calvin University in Michigan. It was at the 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity, where I met with delegates from India who invited me to conduct today's training. With about 40 minutes, I was able to expand further into the study of Genesis 3 as the biblical foundation for the work of chaplaincy in sport and provide examples and illustrates along the

    May 29,
  • Right now, if you’re like me, you’re probably tired of all things Coronavirus — it can feel consuming, depressing, and more. Even as things in the U.S. begin to re-open and start to phase a return, there are likely still a lot of questions that are in your heart and mind — will school happen in the fall? Will sports resume? What will life look like on the other side? In today's From the Touchline episode, I want to introduce a woman to you, with that hope that from her story we might gain some encouragement and strength to persevere through this global pandemic time. We may live in different parts of the world and our governments and health officials and

    May 27,
  • Alex Avila recently told us that he would not seek to renew his term on the Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors. For the past two years, Alex has been instrumental in being a guiding voice and advocate for the counseling aspects of the ministry and work of Soccer Chaplains United. Alex steps aside as he has felt a calling to open up an innovative, coffee shop mental and spiritual health center in his local city of Castle Rock, Colorado and to pursue developing more online counseling and relationship education resources. Alex continues to see clients and develop counseling resources through his Relationship Institute of the Rockies I enjoyed serving alongside Brad and the passionate team he has assembled to

    May 21,
  • In the midst of Coronavirus, there is a rising divide that is becoming more and more apparent. Sides are being taken on how one ought to respond to restrictions and the pace of re-opening local, national, and global societies and economies. The divide seems to be widening as people pick sides — Democrats against Republicans, mask wearers against non-mask-wearers, social distancers against non-social distancers. In today's From the Touchline episode, I make a bit of a stronger exhortation and statement for people who identify as Christian. As Christians, we are called to be more than "keepers," we are called to love. And in today's podcast, I visit how God wants us to act and think towards one another in the midst

    May 20,
  • With COVID-19 stifling the world around, we wanted to provide an update on where our community projects and initiatives stand at this point. If you're an avid reader and follower, you will know that Valor Christian High School cancelled their trip to Costa Rica. The houses still got built, but the team that was to leave back in mid-March had to return the requested soccer gear. We still have a fulfillment waiting for new project requestor, Musana; however, the delay with lockdown measures has meant that the containers are behind in being finished and with the country of Uganda shut down as well, there haven't been approvals for the shipping manifesto and the soccer items that we've currently got waiting

    May 14,

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