• Today is most important day in Christendom. It is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. It is the day when we those who have embraced Christ are reconciled to God the Father. It is the day when we are awakened out of spiritual deadness to new life. It is the day that is above all days - until the next coming of Jesus to call to himself all who belong to him. On this day, I find it compelling to look at my own life and see the places where I need resurrection. Where are the places that need to die, in order to be raised to life in a new, whole,

    Mar 31,
  • This past week, as I headed into training to spend time with the team, I watched as the odometer hit a  milestone: 200,000 miles. In that moment, I gave a brief prayer of thanksgiving to God, for safety of travel and His grace over the roads traveled and the paths walked over the years of doing ministry for CrossTraining. CrossTraining chaplains can travel upwards of 8-10,000 miles a year in serving the needs of the professional sports team. Sometimes a road trip to an away game, the weekly trip to the stadium or bible study, the occasional get together with a couple for counseling, helping a player move from one apartment to another, driving a player who has been cut

    Mar 24,
  • CrossTraining announced today that applications are now being accepted for 2013 Timothy Project proposals. The Timothy Project involves CrossTraining allocating resources and connections to those involved in missional endeavors to impact diverse communities around the world using the sport of soccer. Proposals often include requests for equipment, financial sponsorship, and event promotion. Proposals may be submitted from the Timothy Project page where a hyperlink will direct respondents to an online submission form that includes criteria for consideration. The Timothy Project started in 2010 as part of CrossTraining and START Ministries agreement and partnership in ministry. Founder and Colorado Director, Brad Kenney recalls the beginnings of the Timothy Project, In dialogue with START, we wanted to join in the amazing vision

    Mar 20,
  • Today is a day celebrated around the world - the achievements of a man in bringing a message to an island are recognized at least in some part by the faithful and even faith-less. The man? Patrick - a kidnapped, slave who endured six years of forced labor before escaping. He later would return to share a message with those who had enslaved and mistreated him. The message? A Gospel of hope, Good News, of forgiveness offered by God for all who would listen and receive. Saint Patrick, and his celebrated day of March 17, has (as many prominent figures do)  elements of his story that are legendary (some say he and his disciples once were seen as a company

    Mar 17,
  • Last weekend, the Colorado Rapids season home opener was postponed one day for snow. The build up to the storm had a flurry of comments from sports writers and fans - many proudly encouraging a good showing to the club's opening game despite the inclement weather. Visions of players slipping and sliding, nicknaming the stadium as a type of "snow fortress," fans singing full-voice in blizzard-like conditions, and playing with the dreaded "orange ball" (which still has never made an appearance in Major League Soccer) reminiscent of youth soccer games of long-ago filled the Twitterverse and Facebook status updates nearly non-stop until the club finally announced the postponement of the game to the following day. The storm did leave some

    Mar 10,

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