Soccer Chaplains United Chaplain Profile

A Chaplain with Soccer Chaplains United has a vibrant and evident faith and relationship with God, has a high reputation in the local community, will typically serve in a vocational ministry context apart from Soccer Chaplains United, and are responsible for leading the pastoral care and chaplaincy ministry with a particular team.


  • Master’s Degree (MDiv) education equivalent or higher
  • Ordained, licensed, or commissioned by a reputable denomination, church, or governing body
  • Complete 10 hours of approved professional development annually
  • Ecumenically-minded in ministry and embraces chaplaincy philosophy
  • Signs and adheres to Soccer Chaplains United Code of Conduct


  • Provide chaplaincy for an organization — players, coaches, staff, alumni, and families
  • Ideally commit to 5-10 hrs/wk in-season; but available for emergency/crisis situations
  • As able, helps build financial and prayer support for Soccer Chaplains United 
  • Oversee the culturally relevant context of ministry for a particular team/location


  • Member in good standing (payment of annual dues, continuing education, etc.)
  • Attendance at a majority of team home games through season
  • Attendance at annual chaplain meetings or Soccer Chaplains United retreat (as able)
  • Responsible for accounting for personal expenses and mileage (per membership)
  • Encouraged to help contribute to content for Soccer Chaplains United 


Lead Chaplains report to and are accountable to the Director of Soccer Chaplains United. They lead and provide oversight for any Associate Chaplains and/or Chaplain Assistants working with their particular team or in a particular region. Chaplains are responsible for developing a trusted referral network for counseling referrals.


Chaplains with Soccer Chaplains United may be reimbursed for expenses based on their membership level (see membership document). Expenses may include those incurred in direct ministry and a portion of indirect ministry expenses, as well as stipends. Expenses and stipends are usually based on their own fundraising efforts. On occasion, tickets for games may be made available based on availability and a particular team relationship. Other gifts may be received on occasion, but at no time is a chaplain with Soccer Chaplains United to make requests from any player or staff for any gifts (including appearances, autographs, or memorabilia) benefiting themselves, family members, friends, or other organizations (i.e., churches, schools, etc.).


Chaplains with Soccer Chaplains United receive: Soccer Chaplains United email address, web page profile, business cards, and other assets as deemed necessary and appropriate to serve in a particular ministry context (i.e., stadium credentials, parking pass, etc.).

*Candidates may be “in-process,” receive an approved equivalency, or receive an accommodation based on team/org needs