• Not long into the show, we understand that not many love Coach Ted Lasso coming to AFC Richmond. The fans, the players, the media — even the club owner who has brought Lasso in had an ulterior motive. While it might be a stretch to call her an enemy of Ted Lasso, it certainly isn't a stretch to say that she doesn't seem to mind Lasso (and others) being casualty to her attempts to run the club into the ground to get back at her former husband. Our favorite coach has some opposition against him — what do we do when we encounter such opposition in football? That's the heart of today's podcast and Lesson from Lasso. Ted Lasso, the new

    Jul 28,
  • A recent Men in Blazers podcast had a line from show host Davo (Michael Davies) which got me thinking. When speaking to some of the racist abuse that came as a result of the Euro 2020 final, Davo said, "I have no solution, so I feel it's pointless to talk about." It's not likely that Davo was saying that racism as an issue isn't worth talking about — instead, I think it's a weariness that many around the game and around the issue feel. It's almost like, can't we move past these issues? Can't we all just get along? Football fans around the world believe the game to be a great leveler — a unifying game between differences. And so, it

    Jul 21,
  • Heartbreak in England. Celebration in Italy. The 2020 European Championship (played in 2021 due to COVID) has ended the month-long campaign and crowned a winner. It was a football-fest filled with amazing storylines — adversity overcome, unique times and ways for footballer and fan to re-engage with the game with the after-effects of a global pandemic still being felt. But which storyline most grabbed your attention? Was it the 55-year drought for England which ended with them making the final? The return of the Azzurri to a dominant form? Or, maybe it was another story — Christian Eriksen and the Danes which made it far and deep into the tourney? I am Rev Brad Kenney, and this is the Soccer

    Jul 14,
  • A few months ago, The Athletic featured a story on Norwegian footballer, Pal Enger. Enger, known more for his heist of Edvard Munch's famous Scream painting than for his football, is the subject of today's From the Touchline podcast. Enger's story around football and his life of crime outside of it, got me thinking — do we really know our teammates well? And how does what we know change about how we treat them or approach them? I am Rev Brad Kenney, and this is the Soccer Chaplains United podcast, From the Touchline. From the Touchline is a short-feature (usually 10-15 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director of Soccer Chaplains United and Volunteer Chaplain to the

    Jul 07,

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