• The latest community project request comes from Compassion International in Colorado Springs. Compassion is a long-serving organization whose mission and vision is to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. Compassion's three-cord approach is to be: Christ Centered, Church Based and Child Focused. With that in mind, Compassion's development work with children around the world aims to be holistic in its approach. Matt Pirmann, whose father (Wayne) once helped Soccer Chaplains United, and now works for Compassion, recently reached out to request soccer balls. Compassion in El Salvador has recently engaged in sports development as part of its youth development strategy. We will be taking a few professional women's soccer players to see Compassion's development centers and programs addressing children

    Oct 31,
  • As I sit and reflect on the recent road trip to Michigan for the 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity, it feels a lot like one of the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys that's recorded in the book of Acts. Among the many, many highlights was seeing so many old faces and meeting many new faces. As the family (yes, all 6 of us) headed east, we made our first stop in Olathe, KS. A couple nights with my brother and his family let us get a feel for the road and also allowed us to see my nephew, Asher, in play for Toca FC and visit with one of our chaplain candidates in the area. Asher Kenney, left, waits

    Oct 30,
  • I am excited as the time has come for the 2nd Global Congress on Christianity and Sport at Calvin University. Next week, I will have the privilege of presenting in a session on Friday, A Biblical Foundation for Chaplaincy in Sport. In the session, I will propose that academics and practitioners develop a more foundational biblical text for chaplaincy theory and practice. In the second session, myself and Brooke Ewert will present on the challenges of linking chaplaincy and counseling in sports. On Saturday, we will present, Chaplaincy and Counseling in Sport: A Necessary Partnership, will take place on Saturday, 10/26 (9:45-11:45 am, Eastern) as part of a 4-part presentation track. We will share about our work of serving in

    Oct 18,
  • This past Sunday night, Brooke Ewert and I did some final preparations for the 2nd Global Congress on Christianity and Sport at Calvin University next week. We got our two families together for a homemade pizza dinner and threatened our children and teens to have to sit through our rehearsal. Fortunately, there were games and distractions in the basement and our spouses, unwittingly sat, listened and gave feedback for our presentation. I asked Brooke this week how she was feeling about the Congress and some of the things she was looking forward to, she shared with me, Rarely, are there this many people who are believers in Christ and who are interested in sports in one location. I usually feel alone

    Oct 18,
  • The jersey exchange is one of the most unique and special rituals and moments to be found in the Beautiful Game of soccer. In this edition of From the Touchline Rev Brad reminisces about a couple of "swaps" in his time as a chaplain and reflects on several times in the Bible where a similar exchange was made. He concludes by reflecting on the ultimate exchange that ever happened in history and a prayer for those who might consider making such a swap, themselves.  From the Touchline is a short-feature (10 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney and occasional guests touching on various issues around faith, family, and football. Check out the Soccer Chaplains United App and go to the Media section.

    Oct 16,

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