• On the last day of 2013, there is occasion to pause for reflection. There is much debate around looking backward in order to move forward in our culture. Some criticism - that the only reason we look back is so that we can make more efficient our practice or modernize our mechanistic attitude. Some wisdom - that we ought to learn from mistakes and strive to not repeat them, to teach our children how to overcome them. Some practical application - goal-setting, resolutions, and the like. Some fantastical dreaming - see above. In looking back and contemplating 2013, there are several poignant moments (notice I didn't use the word highlights) for 2013 that have shaped and framed 2013 as its

    Dec 31,
  • If you were watching the United States vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifier earlier this year, you could hear the familiar chant begin in the crowd as the game got underway: I Believe...I Believe that...I Believe that we... I Believe that we will win! I Believe that we will win! My daughter was watching part of the game with me and asked me, "Daddy, what are they saying?" I explained to my daughter what the chant was and some of the story behind its origins (which are obscure at best, but may point back to a Navy vs. Air Force football game in 2003). As the night continued and the USMNT went on to win 2-0, I reflected back to the chant

    Dec 15,
  • When the whistle finally sounded, it was Sporting Kansas City that had overcome Real Salt Lake to take the Major League Soccer Cup Final for 2013. The game went to penalty kicks - the second such championship game for RSL - as both teams were looking for their second title. It has been three years since the Colorado Rapids claimed the title over FC Dallas in the cold confines of Toronto's BMO Field. Read a Rapids' staff reflection here. There has been much that has changed in those three years - in MLS as well as with the Rapids. As I reflect back on the team I offer some reflections that you might not exactly expect. 1. There is always a

    Dec 08,
  • When CrossTraining began in 2002, there was a simple focus: chaplaincy to the Colorado Rapids. You can check out our History page to learn more of the story, but essentially as CrossTraining came under fiscal sponsorship, one of the requirements was a clear "missional" type of work supported by CrossTraining. Enter the Timothy Project. The idea behind the Timothy Project was to enable others using sport (soccer, specifically) and faith to reach a community to tap into the network and resources of CrossTraining and to also receive funds and equipment to carry out that work. Consider it CrossTraining's way of giving back - each year, CrossTraining gives away a portion of the monies donated in order for an individual or

    Dec 06,

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