• The past month of October has flown by for Soccer Chaplains United. An early October trip to Nashville, TN to scout out a team chaplain kicked off the start of Soccer Chaplains United's work in further developing chaplaincy in soccer. Nashville, TN Nashville SC begins play in the United Soccer League (USL) in 2018. With Head Coach Gary Smith currently working to form the team that will begin play in the U.S. second division of soccer, the opportunity exists to help the club place a chaplain from the beginning. Nashville, a city rising in prominence, has also risen in the eyes of Major League Soccer (MLS) and may soon discover if its bid to join the top flight has been accepted. I

    Oct 31,
  • I recently returned from a trip to the U.K. and conference with chaplains with Sports Chaplaincy UK. SCUK (formerly known as SCORE) was founded by Rev John Boyers who continues to serve as chaplains for Manchester United Football Club. In the last 10+ years, I have had occasion to attend conference with the football (soccer) chaplains a number of times. They have been forging ahead in post-Christian UK context for years now and have established a foundation of trust and pastoral care and support for many sports in the UK including both ability and disability sports. In my devotions for 10 October, my readings in Celtic Daily Prayer point to the life and work of St Ninian. Ninian, a British

    Oct 22,
  • Soccer Chaplains United's Timothy Project is pleased to once again supply Colorado Rapids soccer donations to ministry partner, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church as a team of 30 plans to cross the US/Mexico border into Juarez.  Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church has been working closely with the community in Juarez for several years and it is always a joy to partner with them when a team goes down each year. As the years pass and teams continue to go travel to Juarez, relationships with the local residents continue to grow, continue to deepen.  Soccer is an integral reason for this.  Pick up soccer games are common morning, noon and evening and all are welcome to play, regardless ability and skill.  The Timothy

    Oct 19,
  • Timothy Project Liberia 2017 Update — Over 75 pairs of soccer cleats were gathered and sent with Thomas Fahn and his organization, Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E) in early summer of this year.  The cleats were gifted to Soccer Chaplains United, many from team donations but some from individual players.  They were an array of colors and sizes.  When all laid out on the field for the players to choose, it looked like a rainbow of colors, a rainbow of blessings. When Fahn reached out to Soccer Chaplains United with a request for equipment, he shared the reality of the status of his soccer organization. Right now, we are in desperate need of the following items in order to keep

    Oct 12,
  • This past week, I've spent time with fellow chaplains in sport at the Sports Chaplaincy UK (SCUK) conference and 25-year anniversary celebration. Post-conference, a trip up to Glasgow, Scotland to stay with my best friend from seminary days and do some decompression. And while in Glasgow, also was able to meet up with a player who was a trialist with the Colorado Rapids last year, and recently signed with a Scottish Premier League team. As I reflect back on this past week, I'd like to share some of the highlights. We've Got to Get Ready A recent story in the Guardian on the state of English football (soccer) academies is disturbing as they track probable cause for a 16-year old

    Oct 09,

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