• How does a coach get his team to have buy-in to what he is trying to do, what he is trying to achieve? Much of it begins at the heart level — at least when it comes to talking about long-lasting change. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, in our Lessons From Lasso series we look at Coach Lasso who is working at getting to the heart issues of some of his team in order to produce the turnaround and to make the kind impact that only Ted Lasso can make. And football isn't the only place where the heart has a primary importance — it's critical when we are talking about spiritual things and one's relationship with God, too.

    Jan 26,
  • Have you been bullied? As a child? Because of a physical attribute? Or, for something else or some other reason? Bullying is an issue that has gone on for a long time and for a number of different reasons. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, we pick up with Lesson 20 in our Lessons From Lasso series and we talk about dealing with bullies. Do you agree with Coach Lasso's take on dealing with bullies? Well, regardless on whether you agree with Lasso's tactics, I share some of how I see God dealing with bullies in scripture. Ted Lasso, the immensely popular streaming TV show in its second season on Apple TV+ features the antics and quirky, 'Ted Lasso'

    Jan 19,
  • Preseason. It's here. For many teams in the US professional soccer, they will begin reporting to their particular teams in the next few days and weeks. It's the preseason, and with the World Cup happening in November and December, it's coming fast and furious for many professional footballers. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I look at a biblical example of a "preseason" moment - this one, from Jesus' life when he spends 40 days out in the wilderness before beginning his earthly ministry. There are some characteristics between Jesus' time of testing and the same kind of preseason that a footballer will face with their own teams and I draw on the parallels. Here are links to the

    Jan 12,
  • When Justin Smith came on to the board of Soccer Chaplains United back in 2016, it was with some reluctance. Father of a large, young family; an anesthesiologist with a busy practice; and a highly involved church member and later church elder, Justin knew he didn't have a whole lot of time on his hands. But ever since his own soccer-playing and college days at Baylor University, Soccer Chaplains United was the kind of ministry that he and his wife Emily wanted to get behind and support. Some of the highlights during Justin's five-year tenure with the board include helping Soccer Chaplains United go through a brand change and re-launch in the fall of 2017. He helped the board transition

    Jan 10,
  • The Valor Christian High School team which recently (Dec 26, 2021) went down to Guatemala has some updates to share about how their trip, their community service work, and their times of witness are going. To read more, from the student's perspective, follow this link. Annika plays soccer with a brand new, pink soccer ball from Soccer Chaplains United's Community Project and makes some new friends. I played soccer with a lot of them and the kids were having a great time. I also got to jump rope and dance with a lot of the girls. I made a connection with a girl named Gracie. I had braids in my hair and most of the girls want us to braid

    Jan 06,

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