From Zacapa, With Love

Jan 06, 2022

The Valor Christian High School team which recently (Dec 26, 2021) went down to Guatemala has some updates to share about how their trip, their community service work, and their times of witness are going. To read more, from the student’s perspective, follow this link.

Annika plays soccer with a brand new, pink soccer ball from Soccer Chaplains United’s Community Project and makes some new friends.

I played soccer with a lot of them and the kids were having a great time. I also got to jump rope and dance with a lot of the girls. I made a connection with a girl named Gracie. I had braids in my hair and most of the girls want us to braid their hair. I braided Gracie’s hair and she had such a big smile on her face. The girls kept asking a lot of us to be their “Madrina” (godmother) and most of us were able to make a big connection with one or two kids in the community. We also were able to paint the school in the community. There was a water line on the wall of the school from the floods.

The Valor team plays in the “las ganchas” with their new friends, handing out donated soccer gear from Soccer Chaplains United.

One of the students (Zac) shared about his experience playing soccer in a few different settings in Guatemala.

I loved playing soccer with the kids because I saw a joy that I don’t encounter often. We were playing on the side of a mountain/cemetery and there were lots of things that had the ability to damper the fun of soccer; however, the kids and some of the team members had a lot of fun laughing when we would trip on a rock and celebrating a goal made from two rocks. In the end, we gave the community a soccer ball from Soccer Chaplains United where they will be able to practice and play whenever they want.

After the few hours with the kids, we played soccer in what they call “las ganchas” which had synthetic turf and a few small-sided goals. We played with some of the people of our ministry partners’ church, and we played for a few hours and had a lot of fun. After a few hours of playing, we left exhausted, happy, and ready to sleep. After this trip, I will never take sleep for granted!

Not all soccer fields have grass and are flat and level. A picture from an earlier trip to Guatemala illustrates Zac’s experience of playing soccer on the side of a mountain.

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