• Timothy Project: Soccer Chaplains United has packaged and delivered soccer gear around the world, again and again.  Sometimes the gear goes to small, remote villages that are not represented on a map, other times the gear is distributed in cities with too many people to count.  Regardless of what we send, with whom we send it or to where it is going, we try to include at least a few One World Futbols. One World Play Project is a B Corporation founded in 2010 by a man passionate to provide disadvantaged people around the world with the gift of play, more specifically play that does not deflate in the harsh environments of refugee camps, thorny vegetation, and glass-ridden playing fields.

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  • In the fast-pass culture that we live in sometimes missing the small aspects of life that help make us healthier individuals fade to the backdrop. As I was driving home with my family on Thanksgiving evening we passed an outlet mall. The line of cars extended from the mall and continued down the highway for a couple of miles. As we continued home I realized that holiday lights were already up and turned on around stores and people’s houses. Suddenly Thanksgiving was over without the day being done. Yes, every holiday is commercialized and that is an issue in and of itself that makes me cringe. This year it is bothering me even more. As Americans we are gifted a

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  • Soccer Chaplains United, last week, announced a new partnership with WaterStone, a 501(c)3 Christian foundation. WaterStone comes alongside many donors and provides trusted counsel and innovative giving strategies designed to multiply giving impact, minimize taxes and heighten one's sense of joy around generosity. One of the recurring questions asked of donors is, Do you know how to power your giving? When most people consider donating to Soccer Chaplains United, or another nonprofit about which they are passionate, they pull out their checkbooks and tap into their cash reserves for that special gift. However, most people hold a greater share of their wealth in non-cash assets; valuable holdings like securities, real estate, commodities (oil, gas, crops, etc.), and business ownership. In these

    Nov 20,
  •   Last Sunday, I had the privilege of sharing at the Year-end Banquet for the Valor Christian Boys Soccer Program. For 2017, our spiritual theme had covered different aspects of what comprised a real man of faith. As a final example, I shared this story with the players, parents, and coaches assembled. As he lay there, with his worst, life-enemies closing in on his position, he looked around. Two of his brothers were already dead. His father, somewhere nearby, had been fatally wounded in the fighting. He could only hear him cursing and calling out. The searing pain that coursed through his body was only briefly abated as he tried to close his eyes. His life flashed briefly in front

    Nov 19,
  • In its first season, the soccer chaplain role at Moody Bible Institute for the Men's Soccer Program may be deemed a success. The chaplain role, structured to expand the ministry provided by the head coach and assistant coaches, permitted Chaplain Pete Distler to speak into the lives of a very young team consisting of primarily freshman and sophomore student athletes, with nearly  80% of the roster underclassmen. Coach Chris McHugh, developed a job description that would see Moody take on its first-ever chaplain for the Men's Soccer Team. Soccer Chaplains United was able to help Coach McHugh, also an Assistant Professor, in Lifetime Fitness and Sports Ministry at Moody, develop the job description which eventually led to finding Pete. Coach

    Nov 17,

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