• Timothy Project: Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Juarez 2017.  Soccer Chaplains United has a strong commitment to support ministry partners.  Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church of  Englewood, Colorado is a ministry partner so great efforts went into providing a robust Timothy Project donation when they requested it for their recent trip to Juarez, Mexico. These reflections capture Emily Smith's experience of her time on the trip:  Timothy Project generously donated many soccer-related items for our team of 35 from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church to take with us on our recent mission trip to Juarez, Mexico.  Our church has been taking teams down to Juarez for nearly thirty years and it was a blessing to be a part of this year's team.  So

    Nov 16,
  • Last year, for the Valor Christian High School Boy's Soccer Program, we created a new award, The Rev's Award. The Rev's Award takes into consideration a player or players throughout the program who not only strive toward the program's core values and look to improve themselves as soccer players, but whom also stand out in the program in terms of character and Christian witness. Among those identifiable traits are: character - on and off the field, at and away from school exemplary Christian service and leadership to their teammates, opponents, and others healthy involvement and engagement within church and home and family life openness and receptivity to instruction, discipline, and correction This year, we are pleased to name, for the second

    Nov 15,
  • Since the rebranding of Soccer Chaplains United, the Board of Directors is moving forward with the search to appoint five new members to the board. The appointments come with two members stepping off the board due to family commitments. In addition, three additional positions are being considered to be filled to bring the board to a more robust, ten-member capacity. The current bylaws state: The number of directors of the Organization shall be at least be three (3), but no more than fifteen (15), and shall thereafter be as determined by the majority vote of the then serving directors. As Soccer Chaplains United looks to fill the remaining board positions, there are particular needs and values that are being sought

    Nov 14,
  • Soccer Chaplains United is proud to announce a new partnership with WaterStone, a 501(c)3 Christian foundation. WaterStone comes alongside givers and donors and provides trusted counsel and innovative giving strategies designed to multiply giving impact, minimize taxes and heighten giver's joy of generosity. Soccer Chaplains United’s mission today and in the future can only be fulfilled through the generosity of supporters to the organization.  WaterStone offers specialized tools and strategies to unlock full giving potential. Some reasons for the development of this partnership: Soccer Chaplains United recognizes that many choose to maximize the tax benefits of giving with year end gifts. Tax reform is front of mind for many.  Soccer Chaplains United is partnering with Waterstone in assisting donors with customized

    Nov 13,
  • This past weekend, I met with the Board of Directors for Soccer Chaplains United for our quarterly meeting. We accomplished a lot within our time together. Amongst some of the highlights were reviewing the bylaws that were initially formed as CrossTraining, accepting a couple of board resignations, and reviewing the work over the 3rd quarter. The difficult piece was financially. Soccer Chaplains United is currently at 50% of our budget raised and we've only 6-weeks left to go in our fiscal year. With the rebranding from CrossTraining going on this year, we've struggled with fundraising. We couldn't build and promote CrossTraining knowing that our new doing business as name was going to be Soccer Chaplains United and we couldn't promote

    Nov 13,