• With a relatively short time, the Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2016 request that came in at the end of May and the fulfillment before leaving mid-June had some wonderful results. We share just a brief part of the story in this Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2016 Final Update. You can follow along with their travel log for the team of Valor students and teachers, here. Team Lead, Greg Blake, had this to share in a final update from the team (along with the pictures below):   First, let me tell what a huge blessing the jersey's and soccer balls were to the students in Kenya.    We distributed the equipment to three different locations: the Masai School at Oldonyonyoke, the youth center at

    Jul 28,
  • In early June, we told you about a new Timothy Project: Piedras Negras 2016  where CrossTraining Associate Chaplain to the Colorado Rapids, Cesar Duran was headed to his hometown for vacation and requested to take jerseys to the annual conference being held for pastor's in the United Methodist Church Annual Conference. Duran took 200 adult-sized jerseys to give to the pastors, many of whom live on a small wage and are pastors to their churches. Chaplain Duran shares his joy and report below: I praise God because I am part of CrossTraining ministry and serve God through chaplaincy. CrossTraining made me remember my times as a Chaplain and pastor of a congregation in the past. I called Project Piedras Negras to

    Jul 21,
  • Last year, CrossTraining announced the Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 and the goal of Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E.) to fill a shipping container from Colorado to send to Liberia with soccer equipment and school supplies. CrossTraining initially gave over 500 pieces of soccer equipment including Colorado Rapids jerseys, cones, training vests, backpacks, and cleats for the container project. Then, in May 2016, CrossTraining was able to provide an additional 300 jerseys to add to the container before loading day. You can see some of the photos from L.I.F.E.'s blog here of the loading of the container. With the container en-route, Director Thomas Fahn will be heading to Liberia in early August to meet the container in Monrovia. L.I.F.E.'s mission is to assist in

    Jul 14,
  • When the Colorado Rapids announced their first ever jersey sponsor, it was a historic moment for the club. However, it wasn't long before one of the original clubs of Major League Soccer started looking for a new sponsor - when Ciao Telecom failed to make payments, the Rapids needed a new sponsor. But, what to do with all the merchandise and clothing that had already begun to be made? Rapids Lead Chaplain, Rev. Brad Kenney, recalls a conversation with Rapids President Tim Hinchey, We were at a home game and the news about Ciao failing to make payments had been published and I asked Tim, "What about all the gear?" Perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek, he replied, "We're going to burn it; hold

    Jul 07,

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