• Ann Nerney is headed to Mexico, again - this the second time in 2015 as she looks to lead a team of singles from Cherry Hills Community Church down to Juarez, Mexico to work with the poor, love on the children, and leave things just a little bit better than when they arrived. You will remember that Nerney has lead other teams that utilized the Timothy Project. For Ann and the team, they know that the soccer shoes and balls mean a lot to the children of Juarez who have next to nothing. For these children, soccer is a special way for the team to connect and for them to build relationships with each other. Soccer provides and ideal outlet

    Aug 27,
  • Enjoy these photos from the Stephane Guillaume Academy and the Timothy Project: SGA Haiti 2015 final update. This was one of our first projects of the 2015 season.The Timothy Project sent shoes and equipment and balls - as well as about 50 copies of The Prize to be given away to the children that are part of the academy. Please pray for Stephane and the Academy as soccer is being used to help keep many children off the streets and to be given hope and encouragement. Also, pray for Stephane as he looks for a new professional contract and team.   If you would like to support future Timothy Project ventures, such as this one, please use the Donate Now link

    Aug 20,
  • For Pastor Chris Piehl, the recent trip with Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church to Kampala, Uganda was eye-opening on several different fronts - from the sparse "field" conditions to the giving away of soccer uniforms to some of the ministry partners that work with local youth in Kampala. Pastor Piehl and Cherry Creek Presbyterian reached out to CrossTraining via the Timothy Project to see if there was any soccer equipment and gear that the team could take with them to Uganda. Pastor Piehl shares the Timothy Project: Uganda 2015 final update below, We had a great trip and the soccer gear was a huge hit and blessing.  We spent one afternoon playing soccer against a team of street kids in

    Aug 06,

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