• Our next Lessons from Lasso episode we see Coach Lasso and Coach Beard pontificate on the seeming "change" of tone, although not a change of the surly word that the fans are chanting post-game. Coach Lasso makes a time-reference — the 80's, when words meant the opposite of what was being said. How ought one to cope with the shifting sands of change — whether it’s found in 80’s lingo or modern-day text/snapchat culture? In today's Lesson from Lasso, I talk about the one who does not change — but is concstant and dependable and reliable . Listen to hear more. Ted Lasso, the immensely popular streaming TV show in its second season on Apple TV+ features the antics and quirky,

    Jul 27,
  • Lesson 38 in our Lessons from Lasso series and AFC Richmond is in an interesting place. It's halftime. They've just come back from being down 2 goals to tie the game 2-2. However, Coach Lasso has benched their star striker, Jamie Tartt, not because of injury or strategy, but because of his arrogance and audacity — just plain selfishness. The tension in the locker room shows just how far the team will go in putting up with prima donna and bad behavior — but not so for Lasso. Coach Lasso's halftime speech gets at the heart of the human condition. We are broken — all of us. This is the beginning of the Christian apologetic. We begin with the sinfulness, the brokenness

    Jul 20,
  • I don't know if I have shared very often about a special film project known as "My Beautiful Game" (MBG for short). MBG is an "inspiring 90-minute sports documentary profiling the lives of exceptional athletes who have committed their lives to not only their sport of soccer but to helping others through compassion, generosity, and social justice. A feel-good film that showcases the humanity in soccer while experiencing all the action and excitement surrounding both professional and amateur competition." I've gotten to know Martin Butler (director/producer), Brian Bird (exec. producer), and Scott Pomeroy (exec. producer) over the past few years and I really love the vision for the film to tell the story of football that goes beyond the pitch

    Jul 15,
  • Late last week, two teams from partner church Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church made their way to Ethiopia and Uganda. Both teams made requests for soccer gear from Soccer Chaplains United's Community Project request program. You can follow the teams progress and blog updates below. Ethiopia This family trip runs from July 9—24. Serving alongside Hope for the Fatherless, an orphan ministry in the capital city of Addis Ababa that seeks to meet the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children and place them in loving families through domestic adoption and reunification, as well as develop a culture of adoption and orphan care in Ethiopia and around the world. Project Fulfillment: 3 One-World Play balls35 jerseys4 jackets3 goalkeeper sets (gloves, shorts, jersey, socks)32

    Jul 14,
  • Lesson 37 and we see Higgins rise to the top as he shares with Coach Lasso and Co. an insightful word about marriage and relationships — Being with the right person makes tough times easy. Lasso, in pain around what is happening with his wife, Michelle, and the impending trouble that their marriage is in, invites Higgins into the inner sanctum to give his "take." And Higgins, with 28 years of marriage, 5 boys, a dying cat, and house that is too small seems unfazed. In football, there are many challenges that face a couple — travel, physical, financial, and many more. In today's "Lessons from Lasso," I look at the value of being with the right person so that the tough

    Jul 13,

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