• CrossTraining's church partner Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church recently returned from Juarez, Mexico, and a week-long mission trip. This year, the short-term mission worked on several things while in Juarez, but perhaps none more important than the relationships with area families, youth, and adults through soccer and other activities, as they share in the Timothy Project: CCPC Juarez 2016 Final Update. Team member Ruben Rodriguez gave this summary of their time, A few weeks ago we returned from an incredible trip down to Juarez, Mexico.  Our team was comprised of a couple of families, some high school students, and adult volunteers. All were there to help run VBS and do work projects.  The area of Juarez we stayed in is impoverished. Most houses are made from simple brick

    Dec 08,
  • CrossTraining is pleased to finally share the Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 Final Update with our supporters. The project which began last year, finally came to completion in September. Difficulties with raising the funds and then corruption in country meant for a difficult journey for Thomas and Jamie Fahn and their Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E.). Here, we share the final update on the container and its final arrival. CrossTraining's commitment was over 800 pieces of soccer equipment including Colorado Rapids jerseys, cones, training vests, backpacks, and cleats.    As we continued with the process of getting our container out of the port, we began to realize how desperate and corrupt most of the brokers at the port are. Every broker you talk to at the

    Dec 01,

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