• I have learned in this ministry work, that sometimes as you go along, you pick up people interested in what you do. Sometimes they want to financially give, other times they want to get involved and that's exactly how we came across our new Community Coordinator for Colorado Springs, Cory Jones. Cory was part of a team that made a request of our Timothy Project. He and team members from  Mountain Springs Church and Beyond Survival, made their way to Swaziland with several bags of soccer gear. What followed was a pricking of his heart as he asked, what more can be done? I enjoy the very idea that I can support Soccer Chaplains United as they support local mission

    Jan 26,
  • We just released a new video featuring a testimonial from Brian Shultz, Head Coach of Boys and Girls Soccer at Valor Christian High School. The video (visible here) gives a coach's perspective on the impact and effectiveness of a chaplain on a soccer program. I've worked with Valor for just about five seasons now. As a chaplain, I have seen just about everything happen in and to people within the community of those belonging to the soccer program at Valor. From divorce to death, from disciplinary issues and from team successes to team lows and everything in-between. Head Coach, Brian Shultz offers his own take here on the chaplaincy which has grown this past year. Soccer Chaplains United has a

    Jan 16,

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