• Ministry partner, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (CCPC), partnered with La Iglesia Maranatha in Juarez, Mexico thirty years ago. Katherine Plank, Cherry Creek Pres. team member, shares with Soccer Chaplains United what a typical mission trip to Juarez is like.  We will drive from the Denver-Metro area and spend six days living at the church compound. Although this is a short-term mission trip, we always accomplish as much as we possibly can! In the past years I have attended, our main focus was to host a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the community. At VBS, we play games, sing songs, dance, read bible stories and craft. We also offer crafts to engage the parents who stay with their children during VBS!

    Sep 27,
  • Soccer Chaplains United believes that out of our abundance, we are to give graciously and abundantly.  This year has provided Soccer Chaplains United with numerous opportunities to send soccer gear across the world.  This story highlights a family's trip from Castle Rock, CO to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and how a few soccer balls impact the corner of their world. Sydney Dragovich, 13, writes about her recent trip to Africa.  In August, my sister, mom, and I traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for ten days to visit the children of Hope for the Fatherless (HFTF).  HFTF partners with Believers in Ethiopia and around the world to develop a culture that values and cares for vulnerable children and places them in loving

    Sep 20,
  • Our friends over at Missionary Athletes International (MAI) have just recently announced their new CEO. MAI has some connections to Soccer Chaplains United as we have supported several former Major League Soccer and United Soccer League players that have played and spent time with their teams and organization. Additionally, a few of the high school and collegiate players that we have worked with have also worked with MAI. It's an important time for several soccer and ministry organizations, as there have been some key leadership changes and transitions in this year and in the next few years to come. Please keep MAI in your prayers. Below is from their announcement email a few days ago: The Board of Directors of

    Sep 19,
  • We really enjoyed our time with the morning show of the KPOF AM 910. Roy Hanschke, Denise Washington-Blomberg, and Gordy Scott were gracious hosts for Rubèn Rodríguez and myself early on Friday morning. Some of the highlights that we were able to share in the interview included: Our re-branding to Soccer Chaplains United last year Vision to develop chaplaincy amongst all levels of the sport A possible “man of Macedonia” moment, where an opportunity overseas is developing Rubèn Rodríguez as 1st Developmental Academy chaplain (in MLS and with Soccer Chaplains United)  Our 2020 Vision to at least double the number of chaplains with Soccer Chaplains United (20) In talks with a couple Christian colleges, a youth club, and working to

    Sep 10,
  • Friends, we've plum run out of One World Balls to send out with out teams when they ask for gear donations. These are normally $40/apiece, but through our relationship and non-profit status, we're able to get them at about half of that price when we bulk order. Consider making a gift today to send one of these around the world with one of our next project requests that come in. Click here to go to PushPay and select Community to make a specific gift toward this fund!

    Sep 06,

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