ICYMI: You Can Hear Our Interview From Last Week

Sep 10, 2018

We really enjoyed our time with the morning show of the KPOF AM 910. Roy Hanschke, Denise Washington-Blomberg, and Gordy Scott were gracious hosts for Rubèn Rodríguez and myself early on Friday morning.

Some of the highlights that we were able to share in the interview included:

    • Our re-branding to Soccer Chaplains United last year
    • Vision to develop chaplaincy amongst all levels of the sport
    • A possible “man of Macedonia” moment, where an opportunity overseas is developing
    • Rubèn Rodríguez as 1st Developmental Academy chaplain (in MLS and with Soccer Chaplains United) 
    • Our 2020 Vision to at least double the number of chaplains with Soccer Chaplains United (20)
    • In talks with a couple Christian colleges, a youth club, and working to develop chaplain candidates with professional teams throughout North America.

In case you missed the radio interview  you can click the link here to listen: Soccer Chaplains United Interview.

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