Alex Avila Joins Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors

May 21, 2018

It’s my pleasure to announce that Alex Avila has joined the Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors. Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a counselor in the South-metro Denver-area. As the founder and director of the Relationship Institute of the Rockies, he has a vision and a passion for seeing people overcome personal challenges around counseling in order to get the help they need. When I asked him what he is looking forward to most with joining the board, Alex shared,

I am excited to help break down barriers and stigmas and to help Soccer Chaplains United and everyone they serve improve mental health and relationships.

Alex’s appointment to the Board of Directors will help Soccer Chaplains United in the critical development of counselors to partner with and come alongside of our chaplains. Chaplains are the entry point and primary focus, but the development of counselors as part of the team have become an integral part of building out the Soccer Chaplains United model.

Avila will help serve the board and advise the ministry on the appropriate development of counseling to complement the pastoral care work being done by the chaplains. Other goals include seeing the counseling network of Soccer Chaplains United grow and expand — not only in the cities and teams currently being served, but beyond. As Alex shared with me there are some new developments in counseling and technology,

We are seeing more and more interest, acceptance, and development with teletherapy amongst the counseling community.

With the transient nature of players, coaches, staff, and families around the soccer community it can be very difficult to start and keep good counseling relationships. The soccer community is also a global community and sometimes those within the community move to countries and places where resources like chaplains and counselors do not exist.

If you would like to learn more about the counseling side of Soccer Chaplains United, please send an email to

If you would like to contribute to the counseling subsidy that we offer for the neediest within the soccer community donate through PushPay and select the Counseling fund option.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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