Soccer Chaplains United Announces Addition of Nicholas Runyan

Aug 29, 2018

Meet Nicholas Runyan. Runyan is the latest addition to the Soccer Chaplains United counseling network. He works at Mental Health Center of Denver and operates a private practice in Littleton, Colorado called Aim & Action Counseling Services. He becomes the third counselor on the team and is part of the growing desire to see the establishment of a network of counselors that are cognizant of sport-specific needs and issues for the athletes and their families of the teams that are being served.

Runyan, has an MA in Counseling and specializes in working with adults and adolescents on issues like anxiety, depression or low motivation, spiritual growth, addiction, family dynamics, and life transitions.

We live in a world that caters to our nature to be consistently dissatisfied. Becoming addicted to a substance, or a behavior, or an activity, can happen to anyone, and I have the tools to help you figure out why you can’t stop, the skills to decrease your problem, and the hope for a different way.

The addition of Runyan also shows a bit of a track record that is beginning to form as our three counselors, Cody Baker, Brooke Ewert, and, now, Nicholas all have training and connection back to Denver Seminary. The seminary has a great counseling program which goes through a rigorous process to earn its CACREP accreditation.

I am so excited to be joining Soccer Chaplain’s United. As an avid soccer fan and a counselor that enjoys helping people thrive, I am grateful that we are building a community of counselors to equip and support the Colorado Rapids community and beyond.

As a counselor who is part of Soccer Chaplains United, Nicholas is available to serve athletes and family members belonging to the various teams being served up and down the Colorado front-range area. Whether members of the Colorado Rapids, Colorado Springs Switchbacks, Valor Christian High School, or any of the other teams and entities being served by Soccer Chaplains United, our counselors offer clinical counseling featuring a sliding scale to make counseling affordable no matter what income an athlete or family may have.

Check out Nicholas’ profile page here to learn more about him as one of the newest members of the team.

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