Soccer Chaplains United Expands Board of Directors

Nov 14, 2017

Since the rebranding of Soccer Chaplains United, the Board of Directors is moving forward with the search to appoint five new members to the board. The appointments come with two members stepping off the board due to family commitments. In addition, three additional positions are being considered to be filled to bring the board to a more robust, ten-member capacity.

The current bylaws state:

The number of directors of the Organization shall be at least be three (3), but no more than fifteen (15), and shall thereafter be as determined by the majority vote of the then serving directors.

As Soccer Chaplains United looks to fill the remaining board positions, there are particular needs and values that are being sought after. Namely, developing more diversity on the board. Cultural and ethnic diversity as well as female membership will help the organization to grow into some of the new areas and opportunities that lie ahead for Soccer Chaplains United.

Board candidates have particular requirements and obligations to fulfill if accepted onto the board.

If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested in pursuing board candidacy please send an email to us at

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