Valor Christian's "Rev's Award" 2017 Recipients Named

Nov 15, 2017

Last year, for the Valor Christian High School Boy’s Soccer Program, we created a new award, The Rev’s Award. The Rev’s Award takes into consideration a player or players throughout the program who not only strive toward the program’s core values and look to improve themselves as soccer players, but whom also stand out in the program in terms of character and Christian witness.

Among those identifiable traits are:

  • character – on and off the field, at and away from school
  • exemplary Christian service and leadership to their teammates, opponents, and others
  • healthy involvement and engagement within church and home and family life
  • openness and receptivity to instruction, discipline, and correction
This year, we are pleased to name, for the second year in a row, Josiah Scherrei (pictured above) from the varsity team and Micah Scherrei, who played on the junior varsity team. For Micah (pictured below), a freshman, this was his first season.
Coach Brian Schultz commented on the announcement of the Rev’s Award recipients for the year,
It was neat to see Josiah’s excitement at winning the Rev’s Award for the second year in a row. And it was fun to see his brother, both surprised and delighted when his name was called. It’s really great to see how they carried themselves on and off the pitch this year. This is one of my favorite awards of the season because we look at and honor a player’s integrity, character, and movement toward Christ-likeness in a unique way that I am not sure other programs do.
Congratulations again to Josiah and Micah Scherrei from Rev Brad Kenney and Soccer Chaplains United!
Past Rev’s Awards recipients:
2016: Camden Long, Josiah Scherrei, Alex Roth, Brendan McNair, and Mitchell Peotter.

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