Cody Baker To Step Away After 5 Years

Oct 17, 2018

Unfortunately, this season will see the end of Cody Baker serving as a counselor with Soccer Chaplains United. Cody, has been there from the beginning with us and was an integral part of our organization growing. He has served well and really helped us, especially in the early years and through the transition from CrossTraining to Soccer Chaplains United.

I’d like to personally thank Cody for the contributions he has made over the years — including putting up with me and working hard to figure out how we can integrate chaplaincy and counseling service for a soccer team!

In recent months, Cody has been feeling a draw and call away from private practice and into helping young people in the school setting. Additional studies at Denver Seminary and an internship at a local elementary school have helped cultivate some of what Cody has been sensing might be a change.

I told Cody, the door’s wide open to return should it be something he wants to consider in the future. The beauty and challenge of growing a network and organization is sometimes saying goodbye, even good goodbyes.

Along with the distinction of being the first counselor to serve with Soccer Chaplains United, Cody also provide support for the Board of Directors conducting a personality and group profile as well as servicing athletes, coaches, staff, and family members connected to the Colorado Rapids and others within the soccer community. With Cody, we came up with some of the current structure that is part of our counseling network including free consultations and income-based sliding scale fees for those who needed help.

Cody will continue to coach at Arapahoe High School and stay involved in the soccer community. He and wife, Heather, are expecting to welcome another daughter early next year.

Soccer Chaplains United is always looking to grow and add chaplains and counselors to its group to serve all levels of soccer. If you or someone you know might be an interested and qualified candidate, please email us at

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