Introducing Rubèn Rodríguez to Soccer Chaplains United

Aug 28, 2018

It’s my pleasure to introduce Rubèn Rodríguez as the latest member of Soccer Chaplains United. Ruben will serve as a chaplain serving on the team working with the Colorado Rapids with the specific aim of serving the athletes and families within the Rapids Development Academy. The DA for the Rapids has approximately 115 athletes and families represented for the 2018-2019 season.

Rubèn came and assisted as a facilitator last year during one of the life skill sessions that Soccer Chaplains United chaplains and counselors helped facilitate for the DA. One of the first things that I noticed about Rubèn was his ability to grab and retain the young boys attention as we talked about some important character issues. This, coupled with Rubèn’s bilingual ability makes him an excellent choice to serve as chaplain and be part of our team.

Currently, Rubèn is about to begin the work of developing a local parish (church) near the stadium. Several of the DA athletes and families live in or near the parish geography that Ruben will be working to establish and serve. As a pastor, Rubèn is part of The Sacred Grace network of churches.

The Sacred Grace exists to be in, for, and with our neighbors and friends in the parish.  As a Parish church, we take social and spirituality responsibility over a specific geography, tending to the needs, celebrating the victories, and walking alongside those in our neighborhood through big things and small, experiencing life with them.  This desire as a Parish church, translates well to my new work with Soccer Chaplains United.  I’m excited to bring the energy and tools I use as a Parish Pastor and apply them to the locker room, the training field, the stadium, etc.  Whether it’s in my own Parish or on the soccer field, the truth is people need others in their corner, rooting for them, and walking through the ups and downs with them.  And I’m excited to get a new place and group of people to do that with.

In addition to helping develop and facilitate life skills sessions with the DA, chaplains also serve to help provide spiritual and pastoral care for the members of the entire organization. Whether an injury suffered on the field, a family need off the field, or just an uplifting and encouraging presence Rubèn’s addition as a chaplain will be helpful given the numbers present within the academy system.

Check out Rubèn’s profile page to learn more about him and what his calling and vision is for this newest parish and for the Colorado Rapids DA.

  1. Al Johnson

    You have added a very talented chaplain to your team. Rueben truly is gifted as a mentor/communicator/encourager! Congratulations to the Soccer Chaplins and Rueben!

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