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Connecting Communities to Bring Soccer to Ukraine

A principle value of Soccer Chaplains United is to connect communities to provide meaningful service for soccer. Midwest based Sports Crusaders is forming three teams of college athletes to travel to Ukraine this summer to teach children about soccer and salvation.  Soccer Chaplains United is reaching out to athletes who may be interested in joining one of these teams.  If this appeals to you, find the contact information for Sports Crusader representatives at the bottom of the included information.

Sports Crusaders Mission to Ukraine
We have 5 teams going to Ukraine to work alongside churches and church plants in the towns of Kiev, Poltava, L’viv, and Dnipro. These are our current needs.
Team Dnipro-July 22-30
·         3-4 players (At least one guy for lodging purposes)
·         Cost @$2500
Team Kiev-June 17-26
·         1 guy
·         Cost @$2500
Team Poltava-June 17-26
·         1 guy
·         Cost @$2500
The approximate cost of each person going is $2500.00.  Plane ticket, visa and insurance cost will come to us prior to the trip, the rest of the money they will not need until they go to Ukraine.  The balance is for food, train ticket if needed and lodging. (Plane ticket with the team is approx. $1700-1900 depending on when we purchase the ticket)
1.       They MUST love the Lord and not be afraid to share Him with others
2.       MUST be able to teach soccer to children
3.       MUST like being around children
We have a training set up for April 28, 2018 in Jefferson City, MO for all the teams who are going. 
 If you are interested in going on any of these trips, please contact Ashley Eusey, Ukraine Coordinator: or Tricia Alberts, Executive Director:
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