• Recently, the Colorado Rapids re-introduced members of its gallery of honor. These former players have made major contributions to the Rapids organization and were collectively recognized during the Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders match. The reunion was also marked by a few events leading up to the game. Events such as these often pique the curiosity of fans into wondering where did their favorite players of yester-year actually end up. For myself, one of the important parts of ministry and work with the team as chaplain is keeping up with the players, coaches, and staff even as they go beyond the doors of the organization into other endeavors in life. It is part of my hope and belief to be available

    Apr 28,
  • To be honest, I have been discouraged. This season has not started as I might have hoped - as a chaplain in professional sport sometimes we derive a lot of encouragement and energy from meeting with players and studying the Bible or doing life at some point during the week. It has been difficult to get things going - perhaps its all the new faces, maybe its just a different generation, maybe its me. But Saturday night, I was reminded of something that is much more vital in terms of our chaplaincy work. You might even say it is more vital in the space of our work as Christians. Let me share this with you in the telling of a

    Apr 21,
  • The first Timothy Project of the year is already complete. A team from Colorado and Cherry Hills Community Church made their way to Haiti to work with children during a weeklong mission trip, March 26-April 2. The team hosted several soccer tournaments and camps and did several construction projects, including building church and school benches, hosting hundreds of kids in Vacation Bible School, securing tarps on roofs for widows, serving at a large orphanage, delivering rice and beans, fitting hundreds of people with shoes and clothes and helping the sick. This Timothy Project involved providing a mix of used and new equipment (shoes, clothing, and balls) to the team to give away to youths and area churches. The team worshipped at

    Apr 17,
  • If you have ever been around professional sports environments, you know that there are often polarizing figures who not only play the sport, but coach or work at the executive levels of sport as well.  Amongst those involved in the game, there are varying levels of the antagonist  - from recent extremes such as former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice and former White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen to former pro and basketball commentator Charles Barkley or owner Mark Cuban. In the world, these personas have a voice amplified by the high cultural value placed on sport but there is often a lot of controversy surrounding the comments or behaviors of these iconic figures. It may go without saying that there

    Apr 14,
  • A few months ago, the Colorado Rapids team and organization was shaken terribly. The loss of one of our children at a tender and young age - made all close to the family pause and think - about life, about death, about cherishing what we have been given, and more. It was not the first loss in the history of the organization, but perhaps was the most difficult in my time and experience as the club chaplain. The service that was held at the stadium was the first of its kind - a section of the stadium transformed so that this group, this family could gather and grieve. In the world of professional sport we are rarely confronted with

    Apr 07,

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