• Timothy Project: CSCS Ecuador 2017 will feature a soccer team from Colorado Springs Christian Schools (CSCS) headed to Quito, Ecuador mid-June. The team will partner with Inca Link and their soccer ministry, Cumbre Alta.   Soccer players and their parents who attend CSCS will be working to serve the needs Inca Link has in their ministries. One of those groups is the semi-professional team Cumbre Alta. It is a team driven to compete at the highest level while focusing on ministry and discipleship. Jason Rollins, CSCS Athletic Director and coach of both the girls and boys soccer teams, expounded on Cumbre Alta and its objectives within the Quito communities, The soccer players also work with youth to connect with them through

    May 24,
  • Last December, Athletes in Action (AIA) and a few professional soccer players from the United States traveled to North Africa and recently sent a final update on their trip to CrossTraining. Among some of the trip highlights were the team being able to visit some of those working in country with over 5,000 youth through the sport of soccer and spending a full day with Syrian refugees. Many of the team members were touched by the difficult conditions that the refugees were faced with — from being ousted from their homes to being foreigners in a different country.   The team spent time providing soccer coaching and instruction. They worked with some 100 children and 40 adults in the various soccer clinics they

    May 18,
  • CrossTraining's Timothy Project: Liberia 2017 is grateful to have the opportunity to reach the people of Liberia again through Thomas Fahn's Liberian Institute For Empowerment (L.I.F.E.). Fahn recently sent an update on the state of Liberia in light of the latest events in the area. We are struck by what Fahn has to share and  even more honored to help make a difference for the children of Liberia. Fahn writes, "As you know, Liberia came from fourteen years of brutal civil war, which ravaged the country’s economic, health, and education infrastructures. The 2014 Ebola outbreak also added to the suffering of the Liberian people, killing nearly 5,000 people. Many Liberia youth were greatly affected by these two traumatic events. As result,

    May 04,

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