• If you're like me, you're likely getting a few emails these days from various ministries, churches, non-profit, and NGO's. One email header caught my attention: THOUSANDS of lives changed... Thousands. As I opened up this particular group's Year in Review report, I saw amazing graphics, cool photographs, video linked testimonials. It was the third, such, Year in Review or Year Summary that I had seen and felt drawn into. It started me wondering whether Soccer Chaplains United needs to put together a professional looking report and summary for our own donors and constituency. But then I paused. What if our number was only one? What if we only impacted one life? Is one life, worth it? Is one life enough?

    Dec 20,
  • I am pleased to announce that ahead of the 2019 season, Greg Aydt, has been approved as candidate to serve as chaplain to one of the newest teams in the United Soccer League — Championship. Greg is the Youth Ministries Director at Advent Presbyterian Church and is currently completing his ordination process with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). You can read more about him on his bio page here. When we began the search earlier this year, I shared about the opportunity with several people in the EPC, which has a strong presence in the Memphis area. After a number of phone calls and looking at the various candidates, it became clear that Greg would make an excellent choice. As

    Dec 03,

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