• Since the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Weissman's 4th and 5th grade students at Anastasis Academy have been wondering about the question, "What is a refugee?" Weissman's students had heard on the news that some of these people would be coming to Colorado and right away, they wanted to find a place to help. The class thought, "How can we get involved in our own community?" They discovered ACC Denver and got involved in their youth program, International City. Soccer is a universal language, and when the students learned the kids at International City were in need of soccer balls, they jumped on the opportunity to try and raise funds and provide soccer balls. Wissman and her class reached out to CrossTraining's

    Jun 30,
  • Jack Ballou serves as treasurer for CrossTraining's Board of Directors, but in addition to his service for CrossTraining and his work as a Certified Public Accountant, he has a heart for the people of Juarez, Mexico. Ballou, who resides in Arlington, Texas speaks some Spanish and has been preparing for a mission work trip across the border to build a house for a family in Juarez through Casas por Cristo. During Ballou's recent time in Denver for CrossTraining's Board Retreat, it occurred that there might be an opportunity to take some Colorado Rapids gear down to Juarez to give to the poor children and families served by the team working with CPC. As the idea continued to form, Timothy project: Juarez 2016 was born.

    Jun 23,
  • This week, we encourage CrossTraining supporters to keep the Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2016 team in your prayers as the team departs on their two week trip. The team will use soccer as part of their ministry to to reach out especially to the children that have been severely affected by AIDs. Team leader Greg Blake and his team of students and adults will over the course of the two-week trip serve the people that are at H.E.A.R.T as well as the orphans at Children of Hope. Follow the Kenya team progress here. CrossTraining Executive Director, Brad Kenney commented on the Timothy Project: Valor Kenya 2016, One of our first Timothy Projects involved the Children of Hope orphanage and I remember it being a bag of discards from

    Jun 16,
  • For Rev. Cesar Duran, Piedras Negras is more than just the next location for a CrossTraining Timothy Project. Piedras Negras, Mexico is home. When Rev. Duran, who serves as a CrossTraining Associate Chaplain with the Colorado Rapids, was recently invited to teach on chaplaincy by his hometown bishop, Rev. Duran thought it would be a good opportunity to give a gift to pastors that serve in a very poor part of Mexico. I was invited by the Bishop Fernando Fuentes to give a teaching about chaplaincy during the Annual Conference and I wanted to give the pastors a shirt of the Colorado Rapids. Rev. Duran leaves for Piedras Negras June 18 to attend and speak at the United Methodist Church Annual Conference to be held

    Jun 09,
  • This week, we encourage CrossTraining supporters to keep the Timothy Project: Valor Guatemala 2016 team in your prayers as the team has landed in Guatemala. The team will use futból (soccer) to reach out to children and teens of various villages. Team leader Danny Brooks and his team of students and adults will look to engage communities to come out and play soccer with and use this community building time as a platform for sharing the Gospel and connecting them with the local church. Follow the Guatemala team progress here. CrossTraining Executive Director, Brad Kenney, and Colorado Rapids Associate Chaplain, Cesar Duran, were able to meet with the Timothy Project: Valor Guatemala 2016 team to deliver the equipment and pray over the soccer balls,

    Jun 02,

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