• Whilst scanning the Twitterverse a few weeks ago, former Colorado Rapids Forward Andre Aukpan (@auakpan), now with New York Red Bulls, highlighted a story on the National Football League's Rashard Mendenhall retiring at the age of 26. The story (written by Mendenhall) presents a odd perspective that rarely exists in professional sport these days. To understand that the world sees him more as an entertainer, and to make a decision not to continue to punish his body for the sake of entertainment shows a depth of wisdom and insight for someone as young as Mendenhall. While perhaps not a player with the same professional athletic achievements as Mendenhall, Rapids defender Kory Kindle's retirement earlier this year was along the same

    Mar 30,
  • Youth at Getsemaní Baptist Church get prayers unexpectantly answered. Many of the young males and females at the Getsemaní Baptist Church in Limon, Costa Rica, are passionate soccer fans, whose passion translates from the stands to the field and from the pew to the prayer closet. With this passion for football, many of the youth and some of the adults in the congregation formed a team and started playing against other church teams and secular teams in the Caribbean town of Port Limon. Though they enjoyed playing, doing so without uniforms was a major concern. Was God interested in soccer uniforms? Was this something they could pray about? They did!!!   After over a year and a half of praying for

    Mar 27,
  • With World Cup 2014 Brazil, just a few months away, millions are preparing for the largest event in the world to capture the imaginations and dreams of people young and old, from hundreds of different countries, and many different backgrounds. In advance of the World Cup, there are many different groups and organizations looking to leverage one the largest sporting events in the world (next to Olympic opening ceremonies), and if the last World Cup (2010) viewing numbers - estimated close to 1 billion with TV and internet viewing - is to be believed, the 2014 finale will probably grow beyond. It is probably safe to say that the World Cup has significant influence globally. But while some will use

    Mar 25,
  • Three years, nearly to the day, CrossTraining held its annual retreat just before the Colorado Rapids home opening match against the Portland Timbers. CrossTraining team members and board advisors gathered in the mountains to pray and discuss the future of the ministry as the 2011 Major League Soccer season was about to get underway. The time together wrapped up with the game in which the Rapids beat the Timbers 3-1. Last night, driving home after the Rapids won 2-0 against the same Timbers, I reflected on the game, the 2014 retreat that had just wrapped up and the ministry of CrossTraining, with an overwhelming sense of deja vu. In some ways, I wondered just how far CrossTraining had come

    Mar 23,
  • Firsts. This season, the Colorado Rapids will encounter many firsts - moments where the team and organization find themselves as never before. For example, 2014 is the first season that the team is being coached by a former player (Pablo Mastroeni). This past Saturday's game was the first point for the new head coach, it was also the first time that two homegrown players started the same match, as well as the first professional start by Goalkeeper John Berner, and more. Many times, the firsts in our lives are memorable for one reason or another - first kiss, first girlfriend, first job, first child, etc. The same is true in terms of our faith - when someone comes to faith in Jesus Christ it

    Mar 16,

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